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Lucia Wine Bar – Places To Eat In York

Lucia Wine Bar

For this month’s outing with my grandma, we decided to head to Lucia Wine Bar; a place I’ve been a number of times before but not for a long time so I was incredibly excited to check it out again with my lovely grandma!

The beautiful Lucia restaurant in York is absolutely enormous, with seating downstairs, upstairs and even a gorgeous little outdoor eating area accompanied by outdoor heaters and blankets! It was the perfect choice of restaurant for a blistering hot day; we sat outside and enjoyed watching the world go by while indulging in a yummy cocktail, delicious food and a good old catch up.

Here’s what we got up to at Lucia Wine Bar when we went for food last week.

Lucia Wine Bar

Regardless of where I go to eat or drink, my go-to cocktail is always a Cosmopolitan and Lucia’s offering of the moreish beverage certainly didn’t disappoint; the alcohol ratio was perfect, the fruitiness of the cocktail was incredibly refreshing and it was the ideal temperature for a warm evening in the sun.

Lucia Wine Bar

Whenever my grandma and I go out for dinner we always like to treat ourselves and order a garlic bread of some description to share. At Lucia we opted for the garlic and tomato flatbread which was served in this adorable little basket. The tomato sauce topping was absolutely delicious; rich in taste but not too strong, and the bread itself was cooked to perfection. My only slight qualm about this starter was the fact that it wasn’t quite garlicky enough for my taste – but then again, I am more than partial to a smattering of garlic so that could just be my preference.

Lucia Wine Bar

For my grandma’s main course she opted for the casarecce pollo funghi – AKA chicken and mushroom pasta – which looked absolutely heavenly. The chicken and mushroom to pasta ratio was just right and the white wine sauce that it was cooked in was incredibly scrummy. The portion size was absolutely huge however, and my grandma actually struggled to finish it off; if I wasn’t so full from my own main course then I would have definitely finished it off because it looked amazing!

I certainly wouldn’t hesitate to order this offering next time I visit Lucia as it looked, smelled and tasted incredible! Even though the portion size was huge, I’d definitely prefer for there to be too much food rather than not enough!

Lucia Wine Bar

My main course consisted of pork belly and chorizo sausage accompanied by mashed potato and mustard sauce which was quite an unusual choice for me as usually whenever I visit an Italian restaurant, I’m usually the first one to jump straight on the pizza or pasta offerings!

The pork belly was absolutely exquisite; it was incredibly flavoursome and paired perfectly with the mashed potato. The chorizo sausage was sliced into two thin pieces and went with the meal so well; it wasn’t too spicy but it had just the right amount of flavour to make it really stand out. The bed of mashed potato was soft, creamy and buttery and made for the perfect accompaniment to the pork and sausage. I was very pleasantly surprised to discover that the mustard infused gravy tasted absolutely delicious and was a great addition to the meal; mustard isn’t really something I’d usually take a fancy to but on this particular occasion, I really did!

Yet again, my portion size was massive and I very nearly struggled to finish everything!

I really couldn’t recommend Lucia Wine Bar enough, whether you’re looking for a scrumptious place to eat or just a place to chill and indulge in a couple of cocktails, it really is the ideal dining venue in York.

Lucia Wine Bar

Have you ever eaten at Lucia? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter @imjustagirl_16.

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