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My Favourite Stylish Travel Accessories

AD | This post contains gifted items from Adexe Watches and Ingle and Rhode Jewellery. All opinions and reviews are entirely my own; please see my disclaimer for more.

stylish travel accessories

“Stylish” is not usually a word that you’d associate with me. I’ve never been into fashion or accessories and my idea of a ~fancy~ outfit is usually jeans, a bodysuit and some red lipstick…

Having said that, as I’ve got older I’ve tried to be more ~fAshUn~ and incorporate more style and sophistication into my everyday life, especially when travelling.

With that in mind, I wanted to share this post with you guys on my favourite stylish travel accessories that accompany me pretty much everywhere I go.

Stylish Travel Accessories

stylish travel accessories

Eco Chic Floral Foldable Backpack

Matt’s nanna and grandad very kindly bought me this Eco Chic foldable backpack for Christmas last year and it’s fast become one of my favourite stylish travel accessories to take with me everywhere I travel.

Whether I’m popping down the road to Sainsbury’s, or I’m gallivanting around Oslo for the weekend, this foldable backpack has served me well.

It very cleverly folds in on itself, so that it collapses into a small and tidy bag. Once it’s in its backpack state however, it can fit in much more than you’d originally think; it’s basically a modern day Mary Poppins bag!

There are numerous compartments and zipped pockets both inside and outside the bag. There’s even two drink holders on the side, which made it ideal for carrying water around with us in Oslo.

Not only is it incredibly practical and can hold so much stuff, it’s also one of the most stylish bags I own!

stylish travel accessories
stylish travel accessories

Ingle and Rhode Hummingbird Pendant

My most recent addition to my collection of favourite stylish travel accessories is this stunning Ingle and Rhode Hummingbird Pendant*.

Set with traceable Canadian diamonds and made with Fairmined silver, this pendant is absolutely stunning and makes for a great fashionable accessory when travelling.

When Ingle and Rhode first got in touch, my eyes were instantly drawn to the delicacy of the Hummingbird Pendant. Once I’d got over just how simple, stunning and stylish their offering of jewellery was, I was then drawn to the fact that Ingle and Rhode ethically source their materials to make their jewellery.

stylish travel accessories

It’s very rare for a brand to know exactly where all their materials are sourced from, but Ingle and Rhode do. They use fully traceable diamonds in every single piece of their jewellery; from the breathtaking engagement and wedding rings, to their timeless and elegant earrings and pendants; you know you’ve got a quality product that’s come from an organic and ethical source.

I chose the Hummingbird Pendant to be added to my collection of stylish travel accessories because I felt that it somewhat represented my idea of travel. I’m obsessed with flying and I felt the Hummingbird accurately portrayed that. I primarily wear silver jewellery so the fact that this pendant offers delicate and distinguished diamond details, felt like a great fit for me.

The necklace itself is actually remarkably comfortable to wear; something I was a little apprehensive of at first as I was worried the beak of the bird or the wings would be sharp and accidentally stab into me. After wearing it numerous times however, the necklace is incredibly lightweight; something which is great if you’re travelling a lot.

stylish travel accessories

Primark Red Puffer Jacket

When it comes to coats, I’m not a huge fan of owning lots of different styles and varieties; in fact, I had my previous coat for six years before I was finally convinced to get rid of it.

As autumn arrived last year, I knew I was in desperate need for a new coat/jacket. I wanted something that would keep me warm and dry and yet still look semi-fashionable. Enter the red puffer jacket from Primark.

They actually have this coat in many different colours (I’m actually planning on picking up another one before we go travelling as well), but I felt that the red one was the best for me.

The coat is so comfy, incredibly lightweight yet remarkably good at keeping me warm. It even folds down into a tiny travel bag so it’s perfect for popping in your bag when you’re not using it.

It served me well during our trip to Oslo; something I was a little dubious about as it really can’t be described as a ‘thick, winter coat’. But it did a perfect job of keeping me warm and dry and that’s basically the only thing that matters!

stylish travel accessories

Adexe Meek Petite Lake Blue Watch

Being an online person, Instagram fanatic and blogger, I’d heard so much about Adexe Watches* before they’d even contacted me for a collaboration.

When they did contact me and ask me to choose out a watch that I could incorporate into my stylish travel accessories, I knew straight away which watch I wanted to go for.

The Meek Petite Lake Blue watch comes equipped with an extra pre-set strap in case the one provided isn’t long enough. The watch face is hardened crystal and stainless steel and the beautiful Tiffany blue strap completes the watch to perfection.

I’ve been obsessed with the Tiffany blue colour for as long as I can remember so this particular Adexe watch felt like it was made for me. The strap is so unbelievably comfortable to wear and it sits perfectly on my wrist. It’s definitely one of my favourite stylish travel accessories as it’s perfect for every occasion.

Even when travelling to different time zones, it’s remarkably easy to adjust the hands on the watch face so that it reads the correct time!

stylish travel accessories

Jet Set Candy Airplane Ring

I’d been eyeing up the Jet Set Candy airplane ring for months and dropping some very not-so-subtle hints to Matt for quite some time before Matt very kindly bought it for me at Christmas.

I haven’t always been into rings very much, but after wearing my Pandora rings that Matt’s bought me over the years, they’ve become a staple in my jewellery collection.

The Jet Set Candy brand is absolutely incredible and they offer a vast variety of stunning necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings, plus so much more.

Their jewellery is by far some of the best I’ve seen in the travel industry and I’m pretty much obsessed with every single piece. The airplane ring is what caught my eye at first though, as it matches my plane tattoo on my wrist (can you tell I’m a little obsessed with all things flying?!).

Unfortunately my ring was a little too big at first so Matt’s jeweller friend very kindly resized it for me. There’s an inscription on the inner band of the ring that reads ‘adventure bound’ and ‘homeward bound’, which I think is such an incredibly lovely touch.

It’s one of my favourite ever gifts from Matt and I’ll be wearing it every single day when we go travelling.

Now I just need to drop a few more hints about other pieces of jewellery from Jet Set Candy before my birthday…

stylish travel accessories

What are your favourite stylish travel accessories? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter @imjustagirl_16.


  1. 21st February 2019 / 6:51 pm

    Amazing post, as always! I love that jacket and bag. I’ve recently bought myself a new padded coat and I’m in LOVE. Great choice of watch, too. I love that style you picked! ADEXE are great, I love their watches! <3


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