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11 Places You Need To Visit In Autumn

12 Places You Need To Visit In Autumn

I know it’s an incredible blogger cliche but autumn definitely is my absolute favourite time of year. In my opinion, it’s the most amazing season and regardless of where you spend fall in the world, you’re sure to be greeted by an abundance of colourful leaves, hot chocolates, cosy knitwear and a hearty selection of delicious homemade meals.

Despite being a home bird when it comes to the autumn months, it’s also one of my favourite times of year for travelling, especially if I’m visiting somewhere new.

I’ve put together a list of the 11 places you need to visit in autumn in order to give you some inspiration! Let me know in the comments if you’ve booked any holidays for this autumn!

12 Places You Need To Visit In Autumn

New York

I’m sure you all know by now just how obsessed I am with New York and that I could visit the Big Apple during any season and still absolutely adore it.

However, the first time I ever visited New York was actually in the autumn (at the beginning of November) so this season holds a special memory for me in that regard. Central Park is brimming with trees in shades of green, red and gold and the air is chilly without being overwhelmingly cold.

The brownstone houses in both Manhattan and Brooklyn are lined by a parade of red-leafed trees, and there’s many pumpkins dotted about on the sidewalk. There’s also spectacular views of the Manhattan skyline from Brooklyn Bridge where you can see smatterings of beautiful trees all around the city.

Fashion Week is also held in September in New York, and it’s the perfect time to visit as fall is just starting to descend on the city. Grab a pumpkin spiced latte or hot chocolate from one of the 240 something Starbucks dotted across the city, head down 5th Avenue to the Plaza hotel and take a horse drawn carriage ride through Central Park. I truly believe there’s nothing more magical or romantic than autumn in New York.


Berlin is actually a place that I still haven’t been to but it’s very high up on my ultimate European travel wish list. I think I’d love to go to Berlin just for the food alone, but I also know it’s remarkably beautiful in the autumn months.

There are an abundance of fall-related events to enjoy in Berlin including the Festival of Lights in October. There’s also autumn walks to endure, Berlin Art Week as well as enjoying many indoor markets where you can indulge in the season’s best foods.

I’d definitely love to visit Berlin in autumn as I think European cities absolutely thrive during the colder months.


I’ve only been to Budapest once, and that was technically still in the winter as we went at the beginning of March. However, I’m sure Budapest is just as (if not more so) beautiful during the autumn.

Walks along the Danube River would be absolutely magical during the autumn and Hungarian food just positively screams cosy, autumnal vibes to me.


Canada is a place that I’ve always wanted to visit, especially during the autumn months. The Cape Breton Celtic Colours Festival looks absolutely stunning and I bet it’s such a magical place to visit during fall.

The trees in Canada that line the streets and many forests are all covered in the most spectacular autumnal reds and oranges and I imagine it’s an absolute Instagrammer’s haven at this time of year! I’d also love to visit Ontario and the Rocky Mountains during the autumn time too.


Matt and I are actually going to Prague on the 1st of November for a few days and I couldn’t be more excited.

While I’m sure Prague is absolutely beautiful at all times of the year, I think autumn will be truly amazing. I’m excited to wrap up warm and wander around the City of a Thousand Spires with a takeaway hot chocolate in my heart.

I’m also looking forward to tucking into some yummy, hearty food in Prague and I can imagine it’s going to be an awesome city break.

11 Places You Need To Visit In Autumn

Bavaria, Germany

The temperatures in Bavaria, Germany during the autumn months are quite mild so it’s not too extreme to visit at this time of year and you won’t be frozen to death!

There are an abundance of festivals, fairs and markets to enjoy throughout autumn and the food in Germany is at the very top of my list of things to try from around the world! I’ve also still not managed to visit Germany just yet and I think Bavaria Germany would be a great place to start.


The harvest season is heavily enjoyed and celebrated throughout Austria so it’s a wonderful place to visit during autumn.

I’d love to enjoy visiting a winery while in Austria in the autumn as well as the Harvest Festival in Salzburg. There’s bountiful fields to wander through in Austria, all the while indulging in the most beautiful views of autumnal colours.

Oslo, Norway

Norway is yet another European country that I’m yet to visit and I think a trip in autumn would be perfect. The Norwegian food sounds absolutely exquisite, especially during the colder months, and the culture scene is absolutely thriving.

There are a number of indoor festivals and music venues that I’d love to visit and I’d also love to explore some of the mountains, fjords and forests.

New England

I think New England is one of the most synonymous places in the world when you think of autumn. The colours of nature in New England are said to be some of the most spectacular in the United States, and even the world.

The quaint farmhouses, adorable churches and beautiful villages make for the perfect autumnal backdrop against the changing colours and I would absolutely love to go and spend at least a few days in New England during the autumn.

The Cotswolds

One of the places you need to visit in autumn is definitely The Cotswolds in England. The Cotswolds have been at the top of my UK travel wishlist for years now and yet I’ve still not managed to get around to seeing them.

The adorable little villages that are lined with trees and plants are so unique and ever so autumnal. I’m really considering booking a weekend away in The Cotswolds for Matt and I towards the end of November or beginning of December as I think it would be such an idyllic place to spend a weekend away.


Earlier this year, I actually very briefly passed through Switzerland on my way to Morzine with my family and it looked so beautiful in the summer months so I imagine it’s even more stunning in the autumn.

Switzerland is already renowned for its spectacular Instagrammability during ski season and it’s no different in the autumn. The mountains, hiking trails and winding rivers all look so magical and romantic during the autumn.

11 Places You Need To Visit In Autumn

Where would you add on the list of places you need to visit in autumn? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter @imjustagirl_16.


  1. 4th October 2018 / 12:01 pm

    Prague is such a good idea for autumn, Czech food is so hearty and warming that I can see why it would make a good fit. I’d love to go back to Berlin for the autumn too someday

    Megan // https://pixieskiesblog.wordpress.com/

    • chloedickenson
      9th October 2018 / 8:44 am

      I can’t wait to eat all the Czech food! Xx

    • chloedickenson
      9th October 2018 / 8:44 am

      Yes! It’s amazing all the time but I particularly love it at this time of year! Xx

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