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Source Restaurant – Places To Eat In York

source restaurant

My list of places that I want to eat in York is ever-growing so I was so happy when I got to tick yet another restaurant off my list.

Last week, Matt and I headed to Source restaurant in York with his dad and step-mum for a delicious meal. I’d heard so many great things about Source from various people and I couldn’t wait to try it out myself.

Here’s what we ate and drank at Source restaurant last week!


source restaurant

For starter, Matt and I shared the spiralled potato which was such an inventive concoction of potato twisted into a huge spiral and served as potato crisps. It was served on a skewer and it was ideal for sharing, although you could probably took into a whole one yourself and not feel too full. The starter was served with a side of sour cream dip which went so well with the potato; I’m already dreaming of ordering this next time I go back to Source!

source restaurant


I was the only person to order something off the meat menu – and I’m glad I did because my dish was truly amazing!

I opted for the pulled pork burger which was accompanied by BBQ sauce, pickles, fries and coleslaw. I’m not usually one to go for pulled pork as it used to remind me of dog food (!) but I’m so glad I decided to venture out of my comfort zone and give it a whirl because it was heavenly! The BBQ sauce complimented the pork spectacularly and the meat was cooked to perfection. While I didn’t eat the pickles, I was a huge fan of the coleslaw; it had a pretty strong taste of onion but that was more than OK with me!

The fries were also incredibly yummy, and while I tend to prefer skinny fries, the ones at Source were absolutely delicious and I wouldn’t hesitate to order them again. I was so impressed with my main course and I’d highly recommend the pulled pork burger to anyone who’s after a slight alternative to a traditional beef or chicken burger.

source restaurant


As Matt is still on his vegan diet, but does still have a slight craving for fried chicken, he went for the vegan fried chicken which was served with fries, coleslaw and a spicy dipping sauce. The vegan fried chicken was an incredible substitute for normal chicken, and having had a taste myself, I can certainly vouch for it! Matt was incredibly pleased with his dish and was delighted that he’d finally found an alternative to fried chicken as a vegan!


source restaurant

Matt’s dad opted for the vegan mushroom paella (even though he isn’t actually vegan – it just sounded delicious!) and we were all pleasantly surprised at just how substantial the portion size was! Served with Saffron infused rice, mushrooms and artichokes, the vegan mushroom paella went down an absolute treat.

source restaurant


Like I said, I was the only one to go for a meat dish, which meant that Matt’s step-mum went for the Shakshuka; a Middle Eastern dish consisting of eggs, vegetables and a spicy tomato sauce, accompanied by a warm slice of soft bread. I didn’t actually try this dish but it certainly looked interesting and I’d definitely like to try it one day. The eggs were perfectly cooked and complimented the rest of the dish wonderfully; the bread was soft and warm and was a great addition to the Shakshuka.

After two incredibly filling dishes, we decided not to go for dessert but I definitely think I’d like to sample some of their desserts next time, as if the starter and main courses are anything to go by, then the desserts are sure to be just as yummy!

The service we received from the staff at Source was amazing; our waiter even offered to pick out the white wine for me as I couldn’t quite decide on what to go for – he chose a scrumptious Spanish white wine that was so refreshing and incredibly easy to drink. I only wished I’d asked for the name of it so I could purchase it for myself to drink at home!

Overall, I was thoroughly impressed by our first meal at Source and I really can’t wait to visit them again! They actually offer Deliveroo and Uber Eats services so I’m sure Matt and I will be taking full advantage of that in no time!

Source Restaurant

Have you ever eaten at Source? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter @imjustagirl_16.

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