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The Best Free Travel Apps That You’ll Actually Use

Best Free Travel Apps

Whether you’re travelling around the world on the most incredible adventure of your life, or you’re just heading for a little European getaway, chances are that you’re going to need a few tools to help you out with your trip.

Whenever I visit somewhere new, whether it be Edinburgh or New York, I always have a few travel apps in my arsenal that I turn to when I need to learn something about a new culture, translate currency so I can pay correctly or an app simply to display my boarding pass at the gate.

In today’s post I’ve included a list of the best free travel apps that you’ll actually use, and most definitely love.

Best Free Travel Apps


I’ve been using Duolingo for a good few months now and it’s definitely one of my favourite travel apps to use. It’s basically a language learning app, whereby you can get to know a plethora of simple phrases in many languages. While you’re probably not going to become fluent in Mandarin anytime soon by using Duolingo, you will get a very good, basic understanding of your desired language. The interface of this travel app is incredibly easy to use, interactive and actually fun! I would highly recommend downloading this and using it for 5 minutes everyday; you’ll be surprised by how quickly it is to learn a language with this app!

XE Currency

I’ve had this app on my phone for years and it’s one that I never tire of. XE Currency is my go-to travel app whenever I need to work out how many pounds I need to change into Euros to take on holiday with me. It’s also great for actually using when you’re in your holiday destination; Matt and I used this so many times in Budapest as we were blown away by how cheap everything was and we constantly wanted to check how much money we were actually spending in pounds!


I actually only downloaded this app last week but I’m already obsessed with it and I really want more people to download it so we can compare our percentages! It’s an incredibly simple app and there really isn’t much to it at all; you essentially tick off all the countries you’ve been to in the world and then it shows you a coloured version of the world map and the percentage of the world that you’ve visited . I can’t wait to see my map get more coloured in when I visit many more countries!


Despite all the stick that Ryanair receives, it’s actually been a travel brand that I’ve used for so many years; ever since my uncle first moved to Ireland with my aunty and I started to make regular jaunts over there. It’s easy to use, you can clearly see your boarding pass once you’ve logged in and you’re able to search for all the holiday destinations that you want to visit.


This obviously isn’t an actual travel app but it is an app that I use pretty frequently when I’m travelling. If I’m going to be on a long train or car journey then I’ll make sure I have some films or TV shows on my ‘to-watch’ list so that I always have something to watch. It completely and utterly drains your 4G and battery but it’s totally worth it to sneak in another episode of Peep Show before you reach your destination!

Google Maps

Google Maps is an absolute godsend regardless of where you are in the world; I still use it at home sometimes if I’m struggling to find something! It’s nearly always accurate and shows almost every single place in the world that you can think of, as long as you turn the annoying woman’s direction voice off then you’re absolutely golden.


I always turn to Instagram whenever I need a hint of inspiration for anything in life, but most often it’s for travel inspo for the next place I’m heading to. I have a huge list of travel hashtags that I use to search for inspiration, whether it be for blog posts, photography ideas or for actually visiting a new place; Instagram is great to use.


For my next two trips I’m flying with Easyjet so I downloaded their app in order to get my boarding passes on my phone. It’s definitely one of the best flight apps I’ve ever used as it’s so easy to navigate and log in to. It also clearly displays your itinerary and allows you to download your boarding passes to the wallet app on your phone. If you ever book your flights with Easyjet then I’d definitely recommend downloading their app!


Similarly to Instagram, Pinterest is another app that I turn to for travel inspiration. There’s millions of graphics linked to people’s blog posts and articles about various destinations all around the world and I always indulge in an extensive browse of Pinterest before I embark on any trip.

I’ll be sure to continue to update this post whenever I discover a new free travel app that I love!

Best Free Travel Apps

What’s your favourite free travel app that you’d recommend me downloading? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter @imjustagirl_16.

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