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A Day At The York Races – Things To Do In York

york races

Yesterday I attended the York Races with my parents for my dad’s birthday and it was so much fun and I wanted to share just how great the York Races are with you guys!

We were in the Voltigeur Restaurant where we enjoyed a lovely afternoon experiencing the ‘dine and view experience’ which I’d never done before and it was so incredible!

Here’s what we got up to yesterday when we enjoyed a day of drinking, eating and a little betting on the horses!

york races

My outfit of choice was this gorgeous black jumpsuit which is actually my mum’s (lol) which was actually pretty out of my comfort zone as I’ve always thought I could never pull a jumpsuit off with me being so small. But as soon as I tried this on, I fell in love; it’s flattering, so comfortable and it was a great outfit choice for the races! Another way in which my boundaries were pushed yesterday was the fact that I wore my hair up in a high, scraped-back ponytail which is something I’ve never done before – apart from when ya know, I’m hungover and haven’t washed my hair in three days…

Moving on from my outfit choice, we left the house just after 12pm and took a taxi to the York Racecourse; I’ve actually been to the races a good few times before – I even had my year 11 prom there – but I’d never been in the ‘posh’ part so I was particularly excited for the day’s events!

We were greeted at the doors with a glass of Pimms which I happily inhaled as it was so delicious! We were then shown to our table which had been beautifully decorated in candles, wine glasses and fancy cutlery. The room we were in was enormous and there was an abundance of other people gathered around their tables all waiting for the races to start.

york races

An incredibly impressive buffet was laid out at the back of the room and offered guests a plethora of different dishes ranging from cold and hot cuts of meat, salads and fruits, potatoes and vegetables as well as many other varieties of delicious cuisines.

york races

I opted for the Sunday dinner type offering and filled my plate with helpings of roast beef, gammon, veg and chorizo mini sausages! The food was absolutely exquisite and I’d definitely recommend enjoying as much of the buffet as possible as you’re sure to want to go back for more!

york races

The dessert table was also something which many of the guests were drawn to; the range of cakes, puddings and fruit as well as a giant chocolate fountain were certainly enough to give you a sugar rush! We were well and truly spoiled for choice when it came to the food options during our day at the York Races.

york races

The actual horse racing started at about 2pm and my mum and I decided to have a little bet… We both lost the first race but I actually won the second and third race which was incredibly exciting for me as I never, ever usually bet money! My winning streak didn’t continue however so I decided to call it a day and accept defeat and cherish my winnings.

I know that horse racing tends to receive a fair bit of stigma and I can see why but it really is a fun day out and a great way to spend time with family or friends while indulging in a spot of gambling!

york races

My mum was actually remarkably bad at choosing the best horses to bet on so it’s safe to say she came home with less than she started with but the day really wasn’t about winning money at all.

With not living with my parents anymore, any time that I do get to spend with them is incredibly special and important to me; they’re my favourite people in the world and I love when we get to do something just us three (not that I don’t love my brothers and sisters of course, I just like spending quality time alone with my parents!).

york races

I really couldn’t recommend the York Races enough for a day out as a family, as a couple or just with friends. The atmosphere is excellent no matter what part of the Racecourse you’re in but I can definitely vouch for the hospitality section in the Voltigeur Restaurant; the staff were unbelievably attentive and really couldn’t do enough for us, the food was absolutely divine and the whole day was an incredible success. I wish we could do it all over again!

York Races

Have you ever been to the York Races? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter @imjustagirl_16.


    • chloedickenson
      16th June 2018 / 9:57 pm

      It was really good, thanks girl! Xx

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