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Love Actually & Rom-Com London Tour With Brit Movie Tours

london tour

My favourite type of movie is without a doubt one that belongs in the Rom-Com genre, so when I was invited down to London to check out Brit Movie Tours’ Rom-Com London tour, I was more than thrilled!

Films such as Love Actually, Notting Hill and Bridget Jones are some of my favourite ever films so when I discovered that Brit Movie Tours offered a tour all about the various locations where some of my fave films were shot, I couldn’t wait to see it for myself!

I took my mum with me as she’s also a huge fan of Rom-Coms, so we stayed in a hotel in Kensington the night before and on Saturday we made our way to the tour. Here’s what we got up to on the Love Actually & Rom-Com London tour.

london tour

I don’t wanna tell you guys too much about what happens on the tour as I don’t want to ruin the surprises but I hope I can provide you with enough information about it to persuade you to book a tour with Brit Movie Tours!

Our tour began at Holland Park tube station where we met our tour guide, bus driver and the other people who were coming on the tour with us. There was about 20 of us altogether embarking on the tour and as it was such a hot, sunny day, the bus was pretty stifling to say the least.

We began our journey with a short ride to Notting Hill where Jan, our tour guide, provided us with the juiciest insights about the film named after its London setting. The bus stopped off down a gorgeous little street in Notting Hill and we all retreated from the bus to see our first location; the famous gate from the “Whoopsie Daisy” scene in Notting Hill. We were informed that the gate was actually replaced due to various reasons, and it was fairly obvious to see that the replacement gate wasn’t quite as high or as impressive as the one used in the film; however, it was still pretty cool to see where Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts shot these renowned scenes.

london tour

We also saw the dynamic Portobello Road which was truly awesome to see; there was so much vibrancy and interesting things going on that it was hard to know where to look!

london tour

The stunning blue door that belongs to Will (Hugh Grant in Notting Hill) also resides in Notting Hill and that was actually pretty damn cool to see. I could just imagine Julia Roberts dashing in there to avoid the paparazzi…

After seeing more famous spots where parts of the movie were filmed, we headed to our next location to see the house from Love Actually where the classic love notes scene occurs with Andrew Lincoln and Keira Knightley, which also happened to be in the beautiful setting of Notting Hill.

london tour

The pink house where Keira Knightley’s character lives is so stunning and it’s definitely somewhere I could see myself living. The cute little house resides on a street with a plethora of other gorgeous houses and apartments and I think I need to convince Matt that we need to move there ASAP.

london tour

The next stop on our tour was Kensington Palace Gardens where the incredible ‘fight’ scene between Hugh Grant and Colin Firth happens in the second Bridget Jones movie. The gardens were actually my favourite part of the tour as they were so beautiful and picturesque. As it was a sweltering hot day, myself and my mum decided to get an ice cream while we wandered around the gardens with our tour guide explaining exactly how they shot some of the best scenes from romantic movies!

Once we hopped back on the bus, we were taken on a little longer ride this time and we circled past Trafalgar Square where we saw the majestic lions and the abundance of people crowded around them trying to get their selfies in!

london tour

Next we headed along Southbank and parked up just near the OXO tower where we hopped out of the bus for a lovely stroll along the river. We saw where Andrew Lincoln had his mini ‘freakout’ in Love Actually and then we spent some time on the pier admiring the stunning city landscape of London’s skyscrapers. I always feel quite overwhelmed whenever I’m in London because I always forget just how stunning it is so it was so lovely to see it in all its glory on a sunny day.

london tour

Borough Market was our next port of call on the Rom-Com London tour as it’s where Bridget Jones’ apartment was located. As it was a busy Saturday, the market was absolutely heaving so we didn’t spend too long here as I think we could have quite possibly melted in the heat!

The tour’s final stop was just past St. Paul’s Cathedral outside St. Bart’s Hospital but unfortunately myself and my mum didn’t quite finish the last ten minutes of the tour as we had to head to King’s Cross to catch our train home!

The tour lasted for just over three hours which may seem like a long time to spend doing just one activity in London but I can assure you; it’s time well spent. I learnt so much about my favourite Rom-Coms during the tour and it was so exciting to see where some of my all-time favourite movies were filmed!

London tour

We were provided complimentary tickets from Brit Movie Tours in exchange for a review but all thoughts and opinions are entirely my own. Please see my disclaimer for more.

Have you ever been on a movie location tour in London or anywhere else in the world? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter @imjustagirl_16.


  1. Tabitha Beckett
    3rd June 2018 / 12:03 am

    I’m so in love with the idea of this tour, my mum is the biggest fan when it comes to all the movies you mentioned above that I may just have to organise this for her! I’ve always wanted to visit the famous blue door from Notting hill too! ????

    • chloedickenson
      12th July 2018 / 10:27 pm

      I’m sure you’d both absolutely love it! X

  2. 4th June 2018 / 10:07 am

    Ahh what a lovely way to spend the day! I’ve seen a couple of these places, but only because I live in London (and work by Borough Market) – I never actually thought about the fact that that was wear Bridget Jones’ apartment was (LOL that she could afford to live near there). It sounds like it was really fun and interesting, I’ve done a couple of bus tours when I’ve been on holiday, though not a movie one, and I know that sometimes when it’s really hot it can get pretty tiring – I’m glad you had chance to stop for an ice cream!
    Hels xx

    • chloedickenson
      4th June 2018 / 9:29 pm

      Oh that’s so cool that you work near there! It definitely was an incredibly hot day but so worth it! Xx

  3. 4th June 2018 / 1:29 pm

    Ahhh Chloe this sounds amazing! It must’ve been fantastic to see for yourself the settings for all of these iconic movies! Bridget Jones is one of my all time faves, it never fails to make me chuckle! However, I’ve never actually seen Notting Hill so I need to add that to my to-watch list ASAP, is it bad to be considering films to watch at the weekend when it’s only Monday haha?! I’m really impressed with the sound of the Brit Movie Tours service, I wouldn’t hesitate to go on a tour for myself!

    Abbey xx

    • chloedickenson
      4th June 2018 / 1:42 pm

      Omg you absolutely need to watch Notting Hill, it’s such a feel good movie! And I really couldn’t recommend Brit Movie Tours enough; they were amazing! Xx

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