7 Products You Need To Look After Your Hair This Autumn

The colder months can prove to be pretty detrimental to the condition of your hair so it’s more important than ever to ensure that you look after it as much as possible.

My hair always tends to be in a pretty bad condition because I had ombre put into it earlier this year so it’s pretty wrecked due to the number of chemicals that were put on it. I’m also notoriously bad for just being incredibly lazy with my hair and I always tend to do the bare minimum with it. Having said that, in the last few weeks there’s been a number of products that I’ve been using religiously to try and help my hair look much healthier.

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How To Successfully Travel With Your Partner*


Travelling is by far one of my absolute favourite things to do, and whether I’m travelling with my family, with friends or with Matt, I always have the most amazing time.

In the 18 months that Matt and I have been together, we’ve taken quite a few trips together (six in total, with a 7th one happening over the New Year) and I’d like to think that we’ve truly mastered successfully travelling together. We’ve never once had an argument or a disagreement while we’ve been away, and even though we literally never argue anyway, I think we travel so successfully together due to a number of reasons. Here’s eight ways that you can ensure that you’ll have a successful trip with your partner.

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9 Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow This Autumn


Despite all the incredibly frustrating drama regarding the horrendous algorithm, Instagram still remains as one of my favourite apps for gaining inspiration from fellow creatives.

Even if my following seems to be creeping up slower than a snail, I still find myself using Instagram everyday (read: 15 times a day) to admire other people’s creations and amazing photography skills. I’m sure you all know by now how much I adore autumn so Instagram really is the perfect platform at this time of year for admiring all the gorgeous aspects of autumn. Today’s post includes some of my favourite accounts to follow during the autumn months as they’re always full of the most beautiful photography.

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53 Self Care Ideas For When You’re Feeling Burnt Out

The last few weeks have been pretty busy for me; (in the most amazing way) I’ve had so many incredible opportunities and so much work to do but there was a point where I was just trying to do too much and I sort of just ‘burnt out’. Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t plan on slowing any of my projects down or working less harder, but I am planning to make more time for myself, and pay more attention to my self care routine in particular.

In today’s society and particularly in the blogging world, self care has become quite a phenomenon but instead of treating it like just another trend, I really think we should take it more seriously. That’s why today’s blog post is packed full of ideas of ways that you can take better care of yourself, especially if you’re beginning to feel burnt out.

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How To Learn To Love Mondays


Ah Mondays. The one day of the week that the entire population seems to dread. When you’re laying in bed on a Sunday night and you suddenly feel almost nauseous at the prospect of going to work for another five days straight.

Fortunately for me, I’ve never struggled too much with the ‘Monday blues’, (Tuesdays on the other hand; don’t even get me started. I cannot stand Tuesdays for some reason). However, there are certain instances when I feel the dread creep up so I decided to put together this post to help you (and me) for those times when you need just a little extra encouragement to get out of bed on a Monday morning.

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