My Favourite Travel Moments… So Far


Travelling, in my opinion is one of the most amazing things that you will ever experience. I’ve been lucky enough in my 19 and a bit years on this planet to have visited some truly wonderful places; places that have left their mark on me forever.

My recent collaboration with Printiki has inspired me to write today’s post because I printed a number of pictures off from the various places that I’ve travelled to over the years and I wanted to include them in today’s post as they truly are some of the best moments of my life.

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How To Successfully Travel With Your Partner*


Travelling is by far one of my absolute favourite things to do, and whether I’m travelling with my family, with friends or with Matt, I always have the most amazing time.

In the 18 months that Matt and I have been together, we’ve taken quite a few trips together (six in total, with a 7th one happening over the New Year) and I’d like to think that we’ve truly mastered successfully travelling together. We’ve never once had an argument or a disagreement while we’ve been away, and even though we literally never argue anyway, I think we travel so successfully together due to a number of reasons. Here’s eight ways that you can ensure that you’ll have a successful trip with your partner.

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10 Things To Watch If You’re Obsessed With New York

new york

For those who know me, it won’t come as a surprise that I’m just a tiny bit obsessed with New York and everything to do with The Big Apple. This includes the abundance of TV shows that are set in NYC so that us mere mortals can watch with envy while the likes of Carrie Bradshaw and Blair Waldorf saunter around the most magical place in the world in their Jimmy Choos…

I digress.

Today’s post is all about the many TV shows and films that are set in New York that you should definitely watch if you’re as obsessed with the city as I am.

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A Week In Palma de Mallorca

Palma de Mallorca

For those of you who follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you’ll know that Matt and I headed off to the gorgeous Mediterranean Spanish island that is Mallorca (or Majorca). We stayed in Can Pastilla which is just a 15 minute drive from the idyllic capital of Palma. A week in the sun doing nothing but drinking cocktails and relaxing by the pool was exactly what we needed and it was utterly perfect.

We stayed in the fabulous BQ Amfora Beach hotel and it was absolutely stunning. The staff were incredibly attentive, the food was delicious and the room was wonderful, albeit maybe a *tad* on the small side. I couldn’t recommend it enough however, it was a beautiful hotel and as it was only a three minute walk from the beach with plenty of local restaurants, it really was a perfect place to stay. Oh – it was also an adults only hotel so it really was the ultimate destination for couples without kids.

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Six Hours In Rome: Travel Guide!

Rome Travel Guide

If you saw Tuesday’s post or if you follow me on any of my social media channels then you’ll know that I spent a few days in Venice with Matt and his family. The day before we flew home to England however, Matt and I decided to take the four hour train journey to Rome; we were only there for six hours but that was all it took for me to fall in love with the beautiful city!

things to do in rome

We got train tickets for around €100 each which was pretty pricey, but considering we only booked them the day before we went, we didn’t really expect much less! Both Matt and I agreed that it was definitely money well spent though, and I would 100% recommend making the journey to Rome if you’re ever in Venice (or vice versa).

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Venice Travel Guide: What To Do, Eat And See!

Venice St Mark's Square

*Warning, this post contains a LOT of wanderlust-worthy pictures!*

For those of you who follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you’ll know that I spent last week in Venice with Matt, his mum and his stepdad. I can hands down say that it was one of the most beautiful places that I’ve ever been to (in fact, it’s probably made it into my top three favourite places in the world; New York, Budapest and now Venice).


We woke up bright and early last Tuesday (I mean literally, it was 2am) and we headed to Manchester Airport to catch our flight. The two and a half hour flight was extremely pleasant and we landed just before lunch in Venice mainland.

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Things That People Who Love Airports Will Understand


Okay, so I’m sure you’re all probably bored of hearing about the fact that I’m in Venice at the moment but I’ve completely fallen in love with this incredible place.

One of my favourite parts of going on holiday is actually spending time at the airport before I fly. I know for many people that killing two or three hours inside an airport is basically something that is an annoying necessity to get to the desired loctaion. However, I absolutely bloody love them! And here’s why:

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Travel Essentials: Products I’m Taking To Venice

travel essentials

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram then I’m sure you’ll know that as this post goes live I’m in Venice! To tie in with the holiday theme, (and trust me, there’s gonna be a lot of that over in this little corner of the Internet for the next few months!) I thought I’d put together a post of all the travel essentials that I’ve taken with me.

As we’ve only brought hand luggage with us, we had to make sure that all of our travel products were miniatures; and that’s where the Boots 3 for 2 offer came in! This post isn’t sponsored by Boots btw, I just love all their great deals when it comes to Summer time!

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My 19th Birthday- A Weekend In London – AtoZ Day 13

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram (shameless plug- I’m sorry!) then you’ll know that I spent last weekend in London. Matt surprised me with a trip to the capital for my 19th birthday and when he told me we were going, I couldn’t have been happier! We spent the weekend eating steak, drinking wine and generally being very touristy.

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A Weekend Away In Budapest

Hungarian Parliament Building
Hungarian Parliament Building

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram then you’ll know that I spent last weekend in Budapest. I booked the trip a few months ago as a surprise birthday present for Matt and I can definitely say that it was a good choice! It was such a beautiful, picturesque place (as you’ll be able to see from the pictures, most of which were actually taken by Matt!) and I would definitely go back there.

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