12 Things You Should Remember To Tell Your Partner*


I’ve made it no secret on this little corner of the internet just how much I adore Matt and how much he means to me, so naturally I know a thing or two about the little things you should remember to tell your partner every now and then.

In order to build a solid, respectful and amazing relationship, I truly believe there are a few things you should say to your partner, whether it’s every day, every week or just every so often; it’s important to remind your beau just how much they mean to you.

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The Struggles Of Finding The Perfect Prom Dress*

prom dress

It’s becoming increasingly common for ‘high school’ proms to be a big deal, regardless of where you live. My prom at school was fun although it wasn’t quite what I was expecting; there was a fair bit of stress and planning involved in the whole process.

My prom dress was purple, mid-length and beautiful (to me, at least) but that doesn’t mean that it didn’t take a while to find the right one. Here’s the struggles that girls go through when trying to find the perfect prom dress.

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How To Incorporate Your Boyfriend Into Your Skincare Routine*

skincare routine

I’m sure you guys know by now just how much I love my skincare products and there’s a number of products in my collection that are truly essential in helping my skin to look glowing and refreshed.

Having said that, since moving in with Matt last year, my skincare routine wouldn’t be complete without including him in it and I love our little night time routine that we have together where we indulge in a face mask or two.

I truly believe that skincare products aren’t just for women to enjoy and so when Yes to* got in touch with me about their latest face mask releases, I was so excited to try them out (and share them with Matt, of course!).

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The Most Romantic Date Ideas For Winter*

romantic date ideas

I’m sure you all know by know just how much I adore date night with Matt and when you combine that with my love for Christmas and winter, you get a very excitable Chloe!

Winter for me, is the most romantic season as it’s the perfect time to cosy up on the sofa together or wrap up warm and head out into the bitter cold air. I’m never short of date night ideas and considering I’ve already talked about my date night plans for summer and autumn, I thought it was only appropriate to put one together for winter too!

Here’s my romantic date night ideas for winter; enjoy!

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12 Ways To Show Your Partner You Love Them*

How to show your partner you love them

I remember a few years ago when my mum and her friends were sat in our kitchen discussing the ways that they show their partners that they love them. Aside from the obvious, ahem “ways”, they struggled to find deep and meaningful ways of actually showing their other halves just how much they loved them. Sure, a quick “I love you” accompanied by a peck on the cheek as you leave for work might seem nice but it’s not truly showing just how you feel about them. Although I was single at the time, I remember thinking to myself that whenever I got a boyfriend, I would try my hardest to think of fun and meaningful ways to show them just how much I cared.

Today’s post is all about the different things that you can do to show bae just how much they mean to you.

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