The Importance Of ‘Me Time’

me time

Earlier this month, Matt spent two weeks away in London on a course which basically meant I was on my own for two weeks. Normally, I’d be quite freaked out at this prospect as for the last few years I’ve hated spending lots of time on my own, but during those 14 days I actually almost enjoyed spending some quality time with me, myself and I.

When Matt got home I was obviously absolutely delighted to have him back but it made me realise that I shouldn’t be afraid to spend some time by myself every now and then.

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6 Goals I Want To Accomplish Before The End Of The Year

goals for the year

September has now become the ‘new, New Year’ as it obviously marks the beginning of the academic year. This time of year usually brings back memories of starting back at school for me (urgh) but this year I’m determined to join the bandwagon of setting goals and targets and so I’ve compiled a list of goals that I want to achieve before the year is out.

There’s a range of personal, social and health-related goals and I will endeavour to complete them all before we ring in the New Year in just a few short months!

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12 Ways To Show Your Partner You Love Them*

How to show your partner you love them

I remember a few years ago when my mum and her friends were sat in our kitchen discussing the ways that they show their partners that they love them. Aside from the obvious, ahem “ways”, they struggled to find deep and meaningful ways of actually showing their other halves just how much they loved them. Sure, a quick “I love you” accompanied by a peck on the cheek as you leave for work might seem nice but it’s not truly showing just how you feel about them. Although I was single at the time, I remember thinking to myself that whenever I got a boyfriend, I would try my hardest to think of fun and meaningful ways to show them just how much I cared.

Today’s post is all about the different things that you can do to show bae just how much they mean to you.

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Three Chick-Lit Books That You Should Read

Books to read

Reading is one of my absolute favourite things to do and it has been ever since I can remember. I used to spend countless hours getting lost in the Harry Potter series or indulging in the mishaps that Sophie Kinsella’s characters used to get into. With the stress and hustle and bustle of every day life, I’ve found it increasingly hard to relax and get myself stuck into a good book or two.

When Matt and I headed off to Spain a few weeks ago however, I took that opportunity to do little else but read by the pool while sipping refreshing cocktails. There were a number of books that I took on holiday with me and I want to share my girly, romantic recommendations with you in today’s post.

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Things I Definitely Don’t Miss About School

back to school

Most people will be heading back to school sometime this week so I started reminiscing about my school days – I say reminiscing, I definitely mean cringing and being thoroughly relieved that I never have to endure it again.

(This post is also my 100th post on this blog, so yay!)

My back to school ritual usually included some kind of pamper routine, a good cry and an evening watching Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging. School was not my favourite place in the world, I mean it wasn’t the worst but it certainly wasn’t the best. Despite the fact that I met Matt at school, I can’t really say that I took a lot away from it, apart from ya know, a few qualifications.

After taking to Twitter for some inspiration, I realised that there was a lot of things about school that you guys didn’t really like either so I thought I’d put together a post encapsulating all the bad memories from school.

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Blogs To Read: August Favourites

August Favourites

These types of posts are always my favourite to write as they’re always full of so many incredibly inspirational bloggers who motivate me to work hard each month. It was pretty hard to just choose ten favourites throughout August but I’ve just about managed to whittle it down!

Jade’s blog is the perfect place to go if you ever feel like you just need a chat with someone. Her posts are always so beautifully written and my absolute favourite post of Jade’s in August was ‘Learning to love yourself is a journey’ as it was full of such meaning and important life lessons.

It’s no secret to anyone just how much I adore Maria as she’s one of the most incredible, funny and sassy people on the Internet. I’m literally obsessed with her blog at the moment, and her Instagram always makes me want to try the quirkiest makeup looks. I adored her post all about Amsterdam as well as ‘How to grow you Instagram account’ in August.

Tiffany is one of the loveliest people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting on Twitter. She’s an absolute babe who is always there for everyone and she’s been working so hard on her blog recently and it’s been really paying off. Her reviews are always so honest and well-written and some of her recipes make me want to spend the whole day baking!

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10 Things That Have Made Me Happy Recently (#1)

happy things 1

As you’re reading this I’m currently sunning myself up in Palma de Mallorca (probably actually getting burnt to a crisp) but if you follow me on Twitter you’ll know just how excited I’ve been for this holiday with Matt. We haven’t been back from Venice that long but everything has been so busy recently it’s so nice to be away just the two of us.

I’ve seen a lot of these posts floating around the Blogosphere recently and they’re some of my absolute favourites to read; I was originally inspired by Sophie’s posts as I adore reading her regular installments of happiness. I’m thinking of making these types of posts a semi regular thing so let me know if you enjoy reading it!

Here’s things that have made me really happy recently (btw, it consists of a LOT of food):

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13 Fun And Unique Places To Go On A Date In Yorkshire*


If you follow me on literally any social media channel, you’ll know that date night is one of my absolute favourite things EVER. I love getting to spend that quality time with Matt, because even though we live together, it’s still lovely to dedicate a specific ‘date’ to enjoy spending quality time with each other. I’ve written a few posts in the past about date night ideas but today’s post is specifically about the things that you can you do in Yorkshire for a more fun and unique date day/night.

Whether you’re currently in a relationship and need some date night inspo, or you’re looking for somewhere to take your next suitor that you met on the Yorkshire dating site; this post is for you!

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How To Stay Safe When Driving In The Rain*


If you’ve been following my blog for a while now you may have seen my post way back in February about the fact that I had been driving for one year. It’s now been 18 months since I’ve passed my test and in that time I’ve had my fair share of driving experiences, (hitting a wall, accidentally hitting a man on a bike, driving on the motoway…) but I’d like to think that I’m now a better driver than ever because of those experiences.

One thing that I still dislike about driving however, is driving in the rain. I know most people don’t particular like driving in the rain, but I really bloody hate it. I’ll always do it, because I never like to let fear stop me from doing things but it’s deffo not my favourite thing in the world. But, I live in England, and with the UK experiencing up to 156 days of rainfall a year, it ‘s clear to see why we all have to become accustomed to driving in the rain.

That’s not to say that it doesn’t come without its dangers though, so today I wanted to write a post encouraging you all to take more care when driving in the rain.

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15 Chick Flicks You Need To Watch On Netflix


chick flicks

It’s no secret that I’m an incredibly girly-girl, which is obviously why chick flicks and rom-coms are my favourite films. Chick flicks are my favourite type of movie to watch either on my own or with the girls over a glass (or three) of prosecco; watching them with Matt just isn’t the same – sorry Matt!

In today’s post I want to introduce you to my all-time fave chick flicks that can be found on Netflix so you’ll never have a dull Friday night in again! While some of the best chick flicks of all-time have somehow been cast aside by Netflix, (what happened to Dirty Dancing, Bridesmaids, A Cinderella Story, Mean Girls, The Notebook, and one of my all-time faves: 10 Things I Hate About You?!) there’s still plenty of girly goodness to choose from.

1. Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging

This is literally THE definitive teenager chick flick. I used to watch this religiously the day before we went back to school after the holidays. There’s something about Georgia that literally every girl can relate to at some stage; whether it’s not being happy with her appearance, trying to impress ‘The Boy’ or attempting to stand up to the school bully, this movie is definitely one of my all-time fave chick flicks.

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