Lunch At Betty’s: Places To Eat In York


If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen that on my 20th birthday, I went to Betty’s for lunch with my parents.

I had such an amazing time with them and it was so lovely to spend some quality time with them, all the while indulging in some delicious food.

Today’s post is all about the things we ate at Betty’s and why I totally recommend paying a visit to the tearooms if you’re ever in York.

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The Dormouse – Places To Eat In York

dormouse york

The Dormouse is a pub on the outskirts of York that I’ve visited a number of times now and every time I visit, my experience just gets better and better.

As part of my monthly outings with my grandma, we paid a visit to The Dormouse last month for delicious food and a good old catch up.

Today’s post is all about the yummy food we enjoyed at The Dormouse and all the reasons why I think you should pay the pub a visit if you’re ever in York.

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The Food We Ate In Paris


I was never really a ‘foodie’ person at all; it’s only in the last few years that I’ve turned into a pizza-obsessive-weirdo who just adores new cuisines.

When Matt told me we were heading to Paris, I couldn’t wait to tuck into delicious French baguettes, scrumptious macarons and so many other yummy dishes.

While we didn’t eat quite like a local, (I may be more ambitious with my food choices but I’m not quite brave enough for escargot) we did indulge in some pretty amazing food (read: a lot of pizza) and today’s post is all about what we ate and where we ate!

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Brew And Brownie – Places To Eat In York

Brew And Brownie

I’ve been wanting to try out Brew and Brownie for literally years now and last week, Matt and I finally got round to trying it out.

It’s a gorgeous little cafe right in the centre of York and I think I may be in love with it. The food was out of this world and I genuinely had the most incredible hot chocolate of my entire life.

Today’s post includes pictures of the most insanely drool-worthy food ever and all the reasons why you need to visit Brew and Brownie.

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