11 Products To Help With Lacklustre Skin

lacklustre skin

During the colder months, my skin tends to be lacking in moisture and generally just looks pretty bland at this time of year.

In the last few months however, there have been a number of products that I’ve invested in to help with my lacklustre skin and overall, my face seems to have its glow back. Here are the 11 products that I’ve been using to look after my skin as we transition into the colder months:

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7 Products You Need To Look After Your Hair This Autumn

The colder months can prove to be pretty detrimental to the condition of your hair so it’s more important than ever to ensure that you look after it as much as possible.

My hair always tends to be in a pretty bad condition because I had ombre put into it earlier this year so it’s pretty wrecked due to the number of chemicals that were put on it. I’m also notoriously bad for just being incredibly lazy with my hair and I always tend to do the bare minimum with it. Having said that, in the last few weeks there’s been a number of products that I’ve been using religiously to try and help my hair look much healthier.

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Improving My Sleep Hygiene With Feather & Down*

sleep hygiene

If you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen me complaining about the fact that I suffer really badly with terrible nightmares. There are times when I wake up sweating and with tears streaming down my face and I usually always struggle to get back to sleep. Due to these horrendous nightmares, there’s many a night where I’m left restless and unable to partake in a lovely night’s sleep and that’s when I decided to do some research on sleep hygiene.

Sleep hygiene is basically¬†a number of different practices and habits that are necessary to have a night’s good sleep and ensure that you spend the following day fully alert. When the lovely people at Feather & Down* offered to sene me some of their sleepy products, I jumped at the chance to try them out and see if they improved my sleep at all.

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My Top Beauty Picks For Autumn


The autumn months are definitely my favourite for creating different makeup looks. While it may be acceptable to do a smoky eye and a dark red lip at anytime of the year, I just feel like autumn is the perfect time to create smoldering, sultry looks. There’s a number of different products that I like to use when the colder months roll round and today’s post is all about my top beauty picks for this time of year.

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A Lush Halloween Haul: My Top Picks

lush halloween

I’ve been eagerly waiting for the Lush Halloween products to come out ever since the start of September and when I popped into my nearest store a few weeks ago and saw that they weren’t released yet, I was bitterly disappointed.

However, that didn’t stop me on my quest to purchase some of the most highly anticipated autumnal products and so I “accidentally stumbled’ on to the Lush website on my lunch break and treated myself to a plethora of seasonal goodies. Today’s post is all about the Lush Halloween products that I highly recommend investing in…

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Shadow Switch: The Beauty Tool You Need*

shadow switch

I’m gonna be honest here, I’m actually one of those weirdos who actually enjoys cleaning their makeup brushes… However, I can acknowledge that it is a huge chore for the majority of people and that’s where the fab little invention from Beauty Essentials comes in.

The Shadow Switch is a dry makeup brush cleansing tool and basically it’s bomb AF. Housed in a sturdy, practical and lightweight tin, the Shadow Switch allows you to alternate between shades without having to actually clean your makeup brush!

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Achieving Super Soft Skin With SmoothSkin IPL


Shaving my legs (and arms and bikini line…) is one of the most painfully tedious tasks EVER. And I’m pretty sure I’m not alone – I reckon every girl hates shaving! So when the lovely girls at SmoothSkin emailed me to let me know I’d won a device from the #BloggersBall I was so excited to give it a whirl!

The SmoothSkin Bare IPL shoots out over 100 flashes a minute and claims to completely transform your shaving routine. I’ve been testing it out for around six weeks now as I really wanted to get a good feel for it and I wanted to share my thoughts with you in today’s post.

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7 Products You Need From Origins


A few weeks ago I attended an event with Origins and Em Sheldon at the new Origins store in York and it was truly such an amazing evening.

We spent the evening chatting about Love Island and Naked Attraction and there was a whole host of yummy canap√©s, delicious cocktails and wonderful company. Em was such a delight to talk to and she really made an effort to talk to everyone. I had a facial using some of the incredible products and I spent the entire evening with a smile on my face; it was the best event I’ve ever been to.

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Perfecting Problematic Skin With T-Zone*

T-Zone Charcoal and Bamboo Range

When T-Zone first got in contact with me about their new Charcoal and Bamboo Range, I was immensely excited as T-Zone is a brand that I’ve loved and used for many years to treat any teenage blemishes that popped up.

Skincare is my new beauty obsession and since trying out the new range that’s available from Superdrug, I’ve noticed a dramatic improvement in the state of my skin and it’s now looking better than ever.

T-Zone Charcoal and Bamboo Range

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The Beauty Blogger Tag

beauty blogger

While I wouldn’t necessarily brand myself as a ‘beauty blogger’, I was thrilled when Kimmiee tagged me in this! All things beauty, makeup and skincare related are a definite passion of mine so I’m excited to be taking part in this tag!

The rules are as follows:

  1. Thank the blogger who tagged you
  2. Answer the questions they asked
  3. Tag five bloggers
  4. Ask them 15 questions
  5. Let them know they’ve been tagged

So here are my answers!

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