Welcome to my blog!


Oh hey there and welcome to my little corner of the internet!

I’m a 19 year old digital marketer who’s passionate about reading, writing and all things garlic bread related. I also love beauty and makeup and I’m utterly obsessed with New York

Travelling is my passion and my hobby and I think I’d spend forever exploring the world if I could! My favourite place in the world is New York and I’d move there in a heartbeat and pursue a writing career just like Carrie Bradshaw…

I have always loved reading blogs and my biggest inspirations for starting this blog are Hannah Gale, Meg (Wonderful You) and Jemma (DorkfaceBlog).


Occasionally, I will use affiliate links throughout my posts which means I earn a teeny tiny commission if you buy anything through my link, at no extra cost to yourself.

There may also be the occasional sponsored or gifted post but all opinions will always be my own and I will never recommend or review anything that I don’t 100% love.