Christmas Gift Guide – For Kids


While I don’t have kids myself, I do have about a million and one younger siblings (read: five) and eight younger cousins PLUS all of Matt’s nieces and nephews so I know quite a lot about what to buy for kids at Christmas time.

I reckon that kids are probably the hardest to buy for at Christmas because they seem to have every single toy under the sun. I’ve tried to break this gift guide into various sections to help you out when shopping for the little darlings this Christmas.


For the younger kids – Under 4

Being the eldest ‘kid’ in my family, I’m used to being surrounded by much younger children and therefore I have a fair bit of experience in buying toys that are suitable for babies and toddlers. Soft, cuddly toys are always a winner because little kids are usually obsessed with cute, cuddly teddies. This giant Lotso from Toy Story 3 is from the Disney shop and even though I actually got this for Christmas when I was 16 (don’t judge, ok?!) it definitely makes the perfect Christmas present for younger kids.

To be perfectly honest, I’m not sure there’s an awful lot more that you can buy for kids under 4; things like interactive toys and wooden train sets are always a great idea.


Aged 5-8

While you may not consider it entirely wise to fill the kids full of E numbers most of the year, Christmas is a special occassion where they should enjoy a plethora of delicious sugary treats. Chocolate bars that come in selection boxes always go down a treat – I’m 19 and I still love them! A tub of their favourite sweets will also be a great present as they’re sure to last a while; or at least a day or two.


Aged 9-13

I know that most kids are receiving an iPad for Christmas when they’re four or five nowadays but being the absolute grandma that I am, I still think it’s nice to give kids something other than an electronic device to play with (yes, I really am 87). A board game is always an awesome idea, especially if it’s multiplayer because there’s nothing better than an argument over who’s cheating at Monopoly on Christmas Day…

14+ Girls

  • Makeup
  • Soap and Glory gift sets
  • Netflix subscription (although it’s highly likely that they’ll already have on!)
  • Concert tickets
  • Gift voucher for their favourite shop

14+ Boys

  • Xbox or PlayStation game
  • Football boots
  • A cool gadget
  • Headphones
  • New clothes


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What do you normally buy for your kids/siblings for Christmas? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter @imjustagirl_16.

23 Replies to “Christmas Gift Guide – For Kids”

  1. It’s so difficult to buy for kids nowadays as they seem to have everything and barely play with actual physical toys anymore! It’s such a shame as I remember opening my Bratz doll on Christmas day and being infatuated with them for months haha! A gift card is deffo a good idea and sweets as who doesn’t love food!?
    Alice Xx

  2. Brilliant gift guide! I’ve always felt books are good for all ages… also Lego… as you can get big Lego for the younger ones and smaller for the older ones. To be fair… adults like Lego too lol! Xxxxx

  3. Aw I love this post! You don’t often see too many gift guides for children in the blogger world, so it’s nice that you’ve including this in your series!

  4. Ah this is lovely to have a different perspective on a gift guide for children. As I’ve got the three kids I’ve become pretty good at shopping for different ages of children but I agree, sweets always go down well! x

  5. Chloe this is a fantastic idea!! As much as I like to think I’m pretty good with presents I do struggle with the children in our lives. My family have foster kids as well as you know so we always need good all round children present ideas when we don’t know them well enough sometimes to buy them personal gifts and stuff… This has given me more ideas even though I *thought* I was done with my presents HAHAHA

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