Ways To Improve Your Domain Authority

domain authority

Whether you blog just for fun or you’re lucky enough to make a career out of it; most bloggers have one thing in common and that’s for their website to rank higher in search engines. Working in digital marketing has given me a pretty good insight into the likes of SEO and domain authority and so today I thought I’d impart some of my wisdom and share some of my top tips on how you can improve your DA.

Here’s your ultimate guide to understanding DA and ways that you can improve your score.

P.S. You can check your DA score using Moz.

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What It’s Like To Be Young And In Love


I’ve been wanting to write a post like this for a long time now but I was always pretty apprehensive – what if people thought I was stupid and childish and incredibly naive? What if people laughed at me and thought I was unbelievably soppy and ridiculous and ‘mushy’?

And then I realised that I actually didn’t care what people think – something that I’m going to really try and work on next year. I don’t care if people have something negative to say because this post is aimed to be wholeheartedly sentimental, emotional and full of love; which is definitely something we could use more of in this world.

This post was also inspired by my mum and dad who have just recently renewed their wedding vows in Las Vegas and the love and adoration that they have for each other encouraged me to talk about my thoughts on love as a young woman.

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Things To Do in New York At Christmas

new york

It’s no secret that New York City is by far my favourite place in the entire world and when you combine that with my fave holiday – Christmas – you’ve got a recipe for delighted happiness. Even though I’ve never actually been to NYC over Christmas, I have been in November when the festivities were beginning to get underway and there were plenty of activities that I enjoyed doing.

The first time I went to New York was in 2014 with my mum and I know that I’ll remember that trip forever. It was beyond magical and I came home with so many happy memories that I still think about on a daily basis. There’s plenty of things to do in New York at Christmas time and today’s post is all about my favourite things to do while you’re in the Big Apple during the festive period.

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Pink Parcel – The Perfect Subscription Box For ~That~ Time Of The Month

pink parcel

The topic of periods, “lady parts” and general ~womanly~ topics are often seen as taboo, but with being a blogger and the community that I belong to, I’d really like to change that.

Most women have periods every single month and while they’re definitely not the nicest of occurences, they are incredibly natural. With the help of Pink Parcel*, I’d like to try and help change people’s perspectives on periods and make them seem more “normal”.

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Books To Read At Christmas


Christmas time is the perfect time to snuggle up on the sofa with a hot, delicious drink, a cosy blanket and a good festive book. I haven’t read nearly as much as I would have liked this year but as the dark nights are well and truly settled in, I really want to make more of an effort to sit down and read a good book.

During the colder months there’s always a number of books that I enjoy reading and today’s post is all about my favourite picks. Whether you enjoy a romance novel or are more inclined to reading a fantasy book, I think I have just the selection for you.

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Christmas Gift Guide – For Your Dad/Grandad


I don’t know about you guys but I always find that my dad and grandad are always the hardest people to buy for at Christmas. I never seem to know what to get them and whenever I ask my dad what he’d like, he always responds with “literally nothing, I have everything I want” which is very sweet but also very unhelpful.

I’ve put together this Christmas gift guide for your dad/grandad in case you tend to get a little stuck when trying to buy their gifts!

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The Blogger Chats You Need To Be Involved In

blogger chats

Twitter is definitely my favourite social media platform; it’s amazing for connecting with people, building relationships with brands and seeing the occasional dog meme.

Today’s post is all about the various blogger chats that you should be involved in on Twitter. I’ve been joining in on blogger chats for around a year now and not only have I met some awesome people through them, I’ve also become a lot more involved in the blogging community in general. Blogger chats have allowed me to talk to (and then follow) lots of new people which in turn has allowed me to discover so many new blogs and I’ve read some truly incredible posts over the last few months.

Here are my favourite blogger chats that I think you should be involved in.

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The Most Romantic Date Ideas For Winter*

romantic date ideas

I’m sure you all know by know just how much I adore date night with Matt and when you combine that with my love for Christmas and winter, you get a very excitable Chloe!

Winter for me, is the most romantic season as it’s the perfect time to cosy up on the sofa together or wrap up warm and head out into the bitter cold air. I’m never short of date night ideas and considering I’ve already talked about my date night plans for summer and autumn, I thought it was only appropriate to put one together for winter too!

Here’s my romantic date night ideas for winter; enjoy!

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Ways To Stay Productive When You Run A Blog And Have A Full-Time Job


My blog is one of my absolute favourite things in the entire world, so it’s clear to see that I love spending so much time working on it. However, with a full-time job, family commitments, social commitments plus the million and one other things we have to do in our lives, it can be fairly tricky finding time to manage everything.

As my blog is one of my biggest passions, I’ve managed to find a way to make sure I run it kind of successfully without compromising on other areas of my life. I’ve put together my top tips to help you guys out if you find yourself in a similar position.

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On Finding My People

my people

It won’t come as a surprise to regular readers of my blog when I say that I’m an extremely sentimental and nostalgic person and this year more than ever, I’ve realised just how incredibly lucky I am.

I’ve spoken about my love for the blogging community before but I wanted to put together another post about what the people that I’ve met through this amazing journey have done for me. In the last few months alone, I’ve grown incredibly close to an amazing number of girls so this post is essentially for them – and girls, you 110% know who you are.

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