Christmas Gift Guide – For Your Mum/Grandma


I think one of the easiest people for me to buy presents for at Christmas is definitely my mum. It’s probably because she’s my absolute best friend and I know her so well, so it makes it incredibly easy to buy her gifts that I know she’ll love.

Similarly, I always think that I buy pretty good gifts for my grandma as I always seem to know exactly what she’d like. Having said that, I know that it can be quite tricky buying for your mum or grandma when you want to buy them an entire island but you can barely afford a new pair of slippers…

I’ve put together a pretty hefty gift guide for your mum or grandma and I hope it’ll give you some inspiration as to what to get for the most special ladies in your life!



I’m not sure about your mum and grandma but I know for a fact that my mum and grandma would bloody love to receive a bottle (or three) of wine for Christmas. These super cute mini bottles are perfect – I think they’re from Tesco – they’d make great stocking fillers or you could even make a giant hamper of gifts and include a tonne of delicious wines.


Beauty products

In the last few years, my mum has really started to get into various different beauty products (thanks to me lol) and so for every Christmas and birthday I now try to buy her a really cool beauty gift set. She’s always loved things from No.7 so that’s always a safe bet but this year I really want to buy her some lovely makeup; I’m thinking shimmery eyeshadow palettes, luxurious lipsticks and a gorgeous set of makeup brushes.

As for my grandma, I know that shower and bath products are always a good idea. Bayliss and Harding is one of my favourite brands to buy for my grandma as I know that their products are always great quality. Dove is another brand that is great because they do so many different products; the Pro-age range is perfect for the older generation as they’re always immensely nourishing and hydrating and the packaging is always beautiful.


Pretty jewellery

I briefly mentioned buying pretty jewellery for the blogger in your life in my first Christmas Gift Guide but I definitely think that jewellery can also be the perfect gift for your mum or grandma.

The earrings in the picture above are from Prezzybox and they’re so adorable. Simple, classic jewellery is always a wonderful gift to both receive and give to someone as it can be worn and loved forever. Cute little earrings, a dainty bracelet or an adorable locket are all incredibly thoughtful gifts that your mum and grandma are sure to treasure forever.


Something knitted

It’s no secret that as the colder months creep in, the temperatures drop significantly and so it’s incredibly important to make sure your loved ones stay warm. A warm, cosy scarf or a large knitted cardigan would make the perfect gift for both your mum and grandma. They’re also timeless gifts that they’re sure to get plenty of wear out of year after year.


A sentimental gift

I’ve made it abundantly clear on my blog just how much I love these pictures from Printiki and I definitely think they’d make an excellent gift for your mum or grandma. Printing adorable pictures of the children and/or grandchildren is such a lovely and thoughtful gift and one that they’re sure to love. You could even buy a gorgeous photo album to put all of the pictures inside.

Other gifts for your mum and grandma:


What do you normally buy your mum and grandma for Christmas? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter @imjustagirl_16.

26 Replies to “Christmas Gift Guide – For Your Mum/Grandma”

  1. You can NEVER go wrong with Wine, such a great gift haha! I’ve decided to do a stocking for my mum this year and I’ve pretty much chosen all of these things to put in it 🙂 my brother bought a voucher for an afternoon tea for me and her last Christmas too and it went down a treat! Brilliant present idea!
    Alice Xx

  2. Fab post! I’ve already bought my mum a cute pair of earrings and some Body Shop products so we seem to be on the same lines! I’m SO stuck for more presents for her this year though. My boyfriend usually gets her a bottle of wine – she’s a huge Blossom Hill drinker so you can never go wrong with a bottle of that!

  3. These are great ideas! I hope that many realize that big large department store gifts are not needed to show love and respect… a handmade gift, one that is personal and special to the receiver is all that is needed to share love!
    These are fabulous ideas! Thanks for sharing

  4. This post is packed with fantastic ideas, Chloe! You can never go wrong with wine, my sister has a favourite bottle which I’ll definitely be putting into her stocking this year! Something cosy and knitted is lovely too and is a gift that your Mum or Grandma would get a lot of use out of! I still need to check out Printiki’s services as lots of people have been raving about them!

    Abbey 😘

  5. Ah I love the idea of giving your mum and album with photos in – it’s such a lovely thoughtful gift idea! As a Mum myself I would definitely like most of these things to open on Christmas morning – especially the wine! x

  6. I always give my parents photograph gifts I LOVE IT, my mum will never get bored of that either. You’ve shared some amazing ideas and I feel like my boyfriend will deffo benefit from this buying for his family because he never knows what to get hahaha!!! Amazing post as always Chloe xxxxx

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