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Have you ever been to a place that’s just SO good you want to go back there Well, that’s how I feel about Cosy Club. I loved everything about the restaurant so much that I ate there twice in nine days and it’s definitely become my favourite place to eat in York.

Here’s why:

cosy club

I first went to Cosy Club with some girls from work and I loved it so much that I took Matt there a week later to celebrate our 18 month anniversary.

The atmosphere at Cosy Club is wonderful, (and cosy, duh) the staff are so lovely and accomodating and the food is literally out of this world.

There’s plenty to choose from on the Cosy Club menu, from burgers to salads to steaks but my absolutely favourite is the tapas menu that they offer. There’s 10 different dishes to choose from on the tapas menu and it was honestly so difficult to narrow it down to just six (they have an offer where you can get 3 dishes for £11.95 so Matt and I shared six, obvs).

cosy club

cosy club

The pigs in blankets are coated in a delicious, sticky honey and cider glaze and omfg it is divine. They’re literally the things that dreams are made of and I want approximately 46 of them on my plate for Christmas dinner.

We also had buttermilk chicken which comes with a yummy chipotle mayo dip; the batter was cooked to perfection and the mayo was the perfect accompaniment that was teeming with flavour.

Matt and I were both a bit sceptical to order the squid as the last time we had it we both had severe food poisoning but squid is one of our absolute favourite dishes so we decided to go for it; and we certainly weren’t disappointed. Matt was still a little nervous about eating it so he didn’t have too much but I ate every last bit and it was SO good. The batter was light and crispy and the squid was perfectly cooked. The mayo that was served with it made the perfect partner and it was just so yummy.

cosy club

cosy club

The patatas bravas were absolutely delicious and were crispy on the outside but so light and fluffy on the inside. They came coated in aïoli and it was so tasty and the dish paired perfectly with the rest of the meal.

The pulled chicken and chorizo was Matt’s favourite dish and he loved it so much that he said he’s going to try and recreate it at home! The flavours worked so well together and the potatoes that came with it were delcious and crispy. I thoroughly enjoyed it but definitely not as much as Matt!

I think my favourite dish was probably the pork and beef meatballs as I’m literally obsessed with all kinds of Italian food at the moment (which I’m sure you’ll know if you watch my Instagram stories!). The meatballs were covered in a rich tomato sauce that had just a slight kick to it and they were cooked just right. They were flavoursome and so incredibly tasty that I could literally eat them every single day.

cosy club

We both enjoyed a delicious mocktail; (I was driving and Matt loved the sound of his drink) I had a deliciously refreshing pink lemonade that was so sweet and moreish. Matt indulged in a berry delight and he said it was equally as delectable.

cosy club

cosy club

Cosy Club is definitely my new favourite place to eat in York and I’m already dreaming about my next visit. The service we received was absolutely exceptional (the waiter even offered to take our picture and didn’t think it was *too* weird that I was taking pictures of my food!). I couldn’t recommend Cosy Club enough and if you don’t live in York or you’re not making a trip here anytime soon then you’re in luck because Cosy Club has restaurants all over the country! 

I’m going to go and daydream about those meatballs now *insert all the heart-eyed emojis here*.

cosy club

Have you ever been to Cosy Club? Would you like to visit one day? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter @imjustagirl_16.

46 Replies to “Cosy Club: Places To Eat In York”

  1. Oh my god Chloe! My stomach is rumbling so much reading this! I now need to go and find a Cosy Club and DEVOUR those pigs in blankets – or steal some of Johnny’s cider and made some for myself now! They sound honestly like heaven on a plate! The atmosphere of the restaurant looks so nice as well! Glad you two had a good meal out celebrating xx

  2. Oh my I NEED to go to the one in Bristol now I’ve seen this, the food looks gorgeous! You chose the same tapas I think me and my boyfriend would go for too haha, the buttermilk chicken especially sounds insane!!
    Alice Xx

  3. I didn’t think I was hungry until I read this post and now apparently I’m starving! My mouth is actually watering haha! This sounds like a faaaaab place and all the food looks so delicious! Great post xx

    emily x ❤ |

  4. I love this post and everything about it. We don’t go to York too often but when we do we really enjoy ourselves; its one of Jonny’s favourite locations for a night away and he’s always asking if we can go back. I’ll have to tell him were visiting here next time! Eeeek any excuse for a trip. Also the photos and everything just looks and sounds INCREDIBLE. You’ve don so well on this post, Chloe xxxxx

  5. Oh my goodness its half past ten and I am now sooo ready for some good food!! I love tapas and any restaurant that offers tapas options is always going to get my vote. It sounds like you both had a lovely time and that the food was delicious! My family always tend to visit York around Christmas time so this is definitely a place ill keep in mind!

    Sarah | xx

  6. Me & my other half wanted to go to York for a weekend away soon so this place is defo going on our bucket list, it sounds perfect!
    Emma |

  7. This looks like a really nice place to eat! I’ve got one local to me but haven’t been yet – I think I’ll have to go and check it out xx

  8. As you know, I’ll be upnin york on a study trip at the end of November and we have been asked if there’s anywhere we’d especially like to go for dinner, so I’ll 100% be recommending this place as it looks INCREDIBLE! The atmosphere sounds amazing and all of your food sounds delish – the glaze on the pigs in blankets sounds divine, even to me as a vegetarian haha! Can’t go wrong with delicious mocktails too! So glad you enjoyed yourself with Matt!

    Abbey 💜

  9. The food looks amazing and I really love the name of the restaurant! The food looks delicious and it’s amazing that your waiter was so lovely and offered to take your photos

    Kayleigh Zara 🌿

  10. this is most definitely made me regret booking a table at bills! It sounds and looks amazing. And the name seems a great fit!


  11. Oh my god this looks incredible, there’s one in Bournemouth that I’ve heard a lot about but I didn’t realise it was that good and that they did tapas! This looks amazing, I think Southampton needs to hurry up and get a Cosy Club. xx

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