11 Signs That You’re Ready To Move In With Your Partner*


If you’ve followed me on these parts of the internet for a while then you’ll have no doubt seen me talk about Matt a lot. Today marks mine and Matt’s 18 month anniversary and also one year since we moved in together so for someone as sentimental as I am, it’s a pretty big deal. Unfortunately, Matt’s actually in Latvia this weekend so we’ll be celebrating next week when he’s home but today’s post is going to be centred around moving in/living with your other half.

I did a post way back when we’d first moved in together but today’s post is all about the signs to look out for to show that you’re ready to live together; enjoy!

1. You’re doing it because you want to, not because it’s convenient

When you move in with your partner you need to make sure you’re doing it because of the right reasons, not just because it’s easier for you to get to work from bae’s place. You should do it out of love and the fact that you can’t bare to spend more than one night away from each other (oh how sweet).

2. You don’t feel pressured to do it

Similar to the point above, but you shouldn’t move in together just because everyone says you should. Whether it’s your parents, his parents or the pressure you’re putting on yourself to move in with your other half, you should only move in if you’re 100% certain and not just because “it’s the right thing to do”.

3. You’ve travelled together and have a good sense of what your partner’s habits are like

Travelling together, especially for a long period of time can be a true testament to your relationship and therefore if you manage to have extremely successful holidays together, then you’re more than likely to get on well living together. Matt and I have always been great at travelling with each other so moving in for us was almost like having a sleepover with each other every night!

4. You don’t mind sharing a bed with your SO

A lot of people truly detest the idea of sharing a bed with anyone else so if you’re that way inclined, it could be a sign you’re not quite ready to live with someone else. Luckily for Matt and I, we both love sharing a bed and now whenever one of us is away, it feels pretty weird to sleep alone. It’s also a good idea if you’re the perfect spooning partners and you each have your own role in ‘The Spooning Session’.


5. You’re willing to share almost everything

From finances to cooking to whose turn it is to take the bins out, if you’re willing to share various responsibilities with your OH then you should be well on your way to moving in together. This could even include sharing things like moisturiser and face wash, like I’ve experienced with Matt a fair few times…

6. You practically live together anyway

Do you spend half the week at your house and then half the week at theirs? Is all of his stuff crammed into little spaces around your house? If so, you’re almost already living together, you probably just haven’t officially agreed to it yet. I had a drawer of things and my own toothbrush at Matt’s house from the first time I ever slept over so it’s fair to say we were pretty eager from the beginning!

7. You’re both comfortable having your own social life…

While my absolute favourite thing is spending time with Matt, whether that’s just chilling at home or embarking on an extravagant date night, we both still recognise the importance of having our own social lives. With Matt being away in Latvia this weekend, I made plans with my friend last night and I’m spending some time with family tonight; obviously I would much rather Matt be here with me but it definitely is important to recognise that you still need to have your own lives. It also means that the time you do spend together is even more special.

8. …But you also get along with their friends and family too

The chances are, once you move in together, you’re probably gonna be seeing more of your partner’s friends and family due to house warming parties and such. While Matt and I don’t have our own place yet and we actually live with his parents, we also spend a fair amount of time with each other’s friends and family. It’s important for you to get along with the other people in your partner’s life otherwise you may very well struggle when it comes to inviting people round for a house party…

9. You’re able to easily resolve any arguments without too much damage being caused

Once you move in together, you’ll inevitably find that there isn’t much space for you to be able to cool off after an argument so it’s imperative that you’re able to talk things through when you have an argument to save one of you having to spend the night elsewhere. Thankfully, Matt and I have never had an argument where we need some space of our own to calm down but if you do find yourself in that situation quite a lot then you may want to consider resolving any underlying issues before deciding to live together.

10. You can always be yourself around them

As soon as you move in with your other half, you’ll soon find that you’re unable to hide any of your disgusting habits from them as chances are they’ll always be in relatively close proximity. Things like farting, toilet habits and your messy kitchen will all be much more noticeable once you live together so it’s a good idea to make sure that you’re completely comfortable being yourself in front of your partner.

11. You kinda, sorta, really really like your bae

It obviously helps if you’re pretty infatuated with your SO and you can’t imagine your life without them otherwise moving in together is gonna prove pretty tricky. Once you live together you’ll be able to see exactly how the other person lives their life on a daily basis so it’s a good idea to make sure that you truly love that person. Living with Matt is one of my favourite things that I’ve ever done and I can’t ever imagine not living with him now. He really is a good egg <3.

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*This post was sponsored by the aforementioned dating sites but all thoughts and opinions regarding moving in with your partner are entirely my own. Please see my disclaimer for more.

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49 Replies to “11 Signs That You’re Ready To Move In With Your Partner*”

  1. I am so excited and ready to move in with my partner, the only thing stopping us is money! I’ve seen so many posts where people have said they bickered so much for the first month or so as they didn’t realise how hard it’d be but I honestly can’t wait! You guys sound like you’ve cracked it!
    Alice Xx

  2. This is such a cute post!!! When you know you know! James and I just moved in together and it just happened. We lived at his mums for a year whilst we saved for our mortgage and it’s the best thing ever. Although when he star fishes in bed I think about having seperate beds haha xxxxxxx


  3. Haha I loove this whole list and pretty much have to agree with everything! The only thing not so much is the whole sharing the bed thing – but that’s quickly fixed with us each having our own blankets. But our pup loves to sleep inbetween us so often little snuggling gets to happen throughout the night without a jealous pup popping up somewhere!

    Cindy | http://www.cindyhyue.com

  4. I can’t wait to move in with my SO, we’re definitely both ready but I’m waiting until I’ve finished uni and have a steady income before we do it! I can’t wait to decorate our very own little love-nest & snuggle up together in the evening! 💛
    Emma | emmadrury.com

  5. This is a great list (and great post as always) but I had a bit of an odd one with my partner. We both live in essex at my parents house but his family is in Lincolnshire. So when we finally met, he kinda just.. never went home? For a few weeks to work here and there but he always came back and stayed here for weeks on end and it kinda just stayed that way haha! Very unconventional!

  6. Me and my boyfriend moved in together pretty quickly but can agree with all of the above. It was never planned with us, it just sort of happened, but I guess when it’s the right time you just know! x

  7. I definitely agree about how much stuff your boyfriend always seems to leave in your house despite them not officially living with you hahah! I am generally quite happy to share everything with my BF but when he accidentally used my toothbrush instead of his own the other week – that was too far hahah! 😂

    Abbey 💓 http://www.abbeylouisarose.co.uk

    1. Hahaha oh we’ve shared a toothbrush on more than one occasion and every time I’m like “why I am doing this, it’s gross” hahaha xx

  8. Congrats on living together for a year! This week, Johnny and I will have lived together for 6 months, which is crazy as it feels like yesterday! I definitley agree with all of these tips and I love the post & the amazing photography that goes with it!

  9. I totally agree with some of these points – it’s incredibly important to be able to be yourself in front of your partner, whether living together or not. I’ve been in relationships in the past where I haven’t, it’s not nice. Great post! x

  10. Omg! I love this post so much. I’ve had my own home with Jonny for a year and 2 months now, and although we don’t really live together properly as he works away… we did consider all of these things first.
    I remember reading somewhere that you shouldn’t live with somebody you’ve not had a holiday with as you’d find it extremely hard and on holiday you will learn so much about the way someone lives, being with them for all of that time in a small space (hotel room)…. I knew I could do it after we took a long trip together haha!!!

  11. I was curious to read this article as I was wondering what type of things would be cited. As one who has been married for 24 years and with that same man for 30 I would agree with your assessment and add that you feel safe, loved and happy when under the same roof.

  12. This post makes me smile so much! As some one who is tediously single, this post fills me with a little bit of hope about sharing my life with some one xxxx

  13. Aww, I definitely agree with all of these things and think when you know you just know. Me and Luke have been living together for over three years now which is absolutely crazy, and before we moved into our first official flat we actually lived in a studio for two to three weeks which you obviously couldn’t hide anything haha. Xx

    Kristy | http://www.thevioletblonde.com

  14. I really enjoyed reading this, all these ticked the boxes for me and Dom so we are definitely ready! Hopefully in the next year or so we will get our own place xx

  15. I really enjoyed reading this post! Your relationship sounds really cute and I totally agree with everything mentioned on the list! xx

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