10 Things That Have Made Me Happy Recently #3

happy recently

It’s been a little while since I last wrote a ‘happy things‘ post so I thought I’d put another one together as there’s been many amazing things happening in my life recently.

It’s been a very busy couple of months but as Christmas rapidly approaches, I’mĀ hopingĀ that things might start to slow down. The many things that have put a smile on my face in the last few weeks were hard to condense into a list of just 10 things but here goes…

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Christmas Gift Guide – For Your Mum/Grandma


I think one of the easiest people for me to buy presents for at Christmas is definitely my mum. It’s probably because she’s my absolute best friend and I know her so well, so it makes it incredibly easy to buy her gifts that I know she’ll love.

Similarly, I always think that I buy pretty good gifts for my grandma as I always seem to know exactly what she’d like. Having said that, I know that it can be quite tricky buying for your mum or grandma when you want to buy them an entire island but you can barely afford a new pair of slippers…

I’ve put together a pretty hefty gift guide for your mum or grandma and I hope it’ll give you some inspiration as to what to get for the most special ladies in your life!

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The Botanist First Birthday Party – York


First of all I just want to apologise profusely for the terrible quality of these photos; the atmosphere of the event was amazing but a little too dark to take decent photos. And second of all, The Botanist First Birthday party event in York was *potentially* the best event I’ve ever been to!

I’ve been to The Botanist twice before; once just for cocktails and once for a meal with Matt so I thought I knew what to expect but the event last Tuesday totally blew my expectations out of the water!

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Things To Be Thankful For


It’s Thanksgiving today and while it’s predominantly an American holiday, it got me thinking about all the things that I’m grateful for.

There’s been lots of exciting things that have been happening in my life recently and being the sentimental, soppy shite that I am, I wanted to put together a list of all the things that have left me feeling extremely thankful and grateful.

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Christmas Gift Guide – For Your Boyfriend


For some reason, I always like to think of myself as a good gift buyer for Matt, yet every Christmas/birthday/Valentine’s Day/any special occasion I always find myself Googling ‘What to buy my boyfriend’.

I always manage to get him lovely presents (at least he never says otherwise…) and they’re always extremely thoughtful gifts but for some reason I always just panic before any occasion and I always end up resorting to good ol’ Google for some help.

That’s why today I’ve put together a thorough gift guide for your boyfriend in the hope that it’ll help you (and me) when choosing gifts for him this Christmas.

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