Why I Reinstalled Facebook + The Facebook Groups You Need To Join!

facebook groups

In the last year or so I’ve had a pretty up and down relationship with Facebook. On the one hand, I love how Facebook allows you to communicate with literally anyone in the world, no matter where you are. It was the perfect social media tool for me to keep in touch with all my family and friends back in England when I lived in New Zealand as I was able to contact them literally whenever I wanted.

However, earlier this year, there was quite a bit of drama circulating on my Facebook and I just couldn’t be bothered to be involved in any of the drama and pettiness. I deleted the app back in April and I’ve only just recently reinstalled it.

I had no intention of reinstalling it whatsoever but I found that I was gaining quite a bit of referral traffic from Facebook to my blog and so I decided to log back into the app to see what was going on…

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Christmas Gift Guide – For The Blogger


Before all the Scrooges come down on me for being so early with the Christmas gift guides, I really wanted to put together six different gift guides in the run up to the big day so today’s post marks the first of six for everyone in your life.

Today’s post is all about the presents that the blogger in your life¬†actually¬†wants – whether that’s your girlfriend, your daughter or your best friend – I’ve got you covered!

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11 Signs That You’re Ready To Move In With Your Partner*


If you’ve followed me on these parts of the internet for a while then you’ll have no doubt seen me talk about Matt a lot. Today marks mine and Matt’s 18 month anniversary and also one year since we moved in together so for someone as sentimental as I am, it’s a pretty big deal. Unfortunately, Matt’s actually in Latvia this weekend so we’ll be celebrating next week when he’s home but today’s post is going to be centred around moving in/living with your other half.

I did a post way back when we’d first moved in together but today’s post is all about the signs to look out for to show that you’re ready to live together; enjoy!

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