My Favourite Travel Moments… So Far


Travelling, in my opinion is one of the most amazing things that you will ever experience. I’ve been lucky enough in my 19 and a bit years on this planet to have visited some truly wonderful places; places that have left their mark on me forever.

My recent collaboration with Printiki has inspired me to write today’s post because I printed a number of pictures off from the various places that I’ve travelled to over the years and I wanted to include them in today’s post as they truly are some of the best moments of my life.



New York City

It’ll come as a surprise to no one reading this that New York is my absolute favourite place in the entire world. I’ve been to the Big Apple three times now and each time I just fall more and more in love with it.


November 2014

The first time I ever went to New York was when I was 16 with my mum and it was the most perfect present I’d ever received. We stayed just on the edge of Times Square and we spent the whole weekend revelling in the beauty of the city. The most memorable moment of this trip was probably when I saw Times Square for the first time and I remember having tears in my eyes because it just felt so magical.


April 2016

Just after my 18th birthday, I headed back to NYC with my mum and this time we stayed in the Waldorf Astoria; I truly felt like Blair Waldorf and there were so many ‘pinch-me’ moments that I was sure I was dreaming. My mum and I had afternoon tea at The Plaza and it’s honestly one of my favourite memories ever.

August 2016

Last summer I spent a few weeks in America visiting family but as I was gone for quite a long time, Matt decided that he would fly over to the East Coast and we’d spend a few days in New York together. I think I’ll do a whole other blog post on our time there one day because it was just truly out of this world. My favourite moment from our trip is probably when we went on the Staten Island ferry around the Statue of Liberty and Frank Sinatra was playing through the loudspeaker. It’s so very cheesy but I remember just staring up at the immense skyline and feeling so overwhelmed but so incredibly lucky. That moment is definitely one of my favourites.




Dubai is without a doubt one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to. I went with my family in 2015 and we stayed in a hotel directly opposite the Burj Al Arab and waking up to that view every morning truly took my breath away. The sunsets in Dubai were so beautiful and the beaches were absolutely heavenly. I definitely want to take Matt to Dubai one day.



Washington D.C.

During my visits to Virginia to see my family, I’ve been lucky enough to also travel to Washington D.C. It’s now firmly in my list of my favourite places in the world and everytime I think of it, it makes me so happy. My favourite moment from my visit to D.C. would have to be when I saw the Washington Monument from the Lincoln Memorial because it’s an incredibly iconic shot. It also reminds me of Forrest Gump which is incidentally my favourite film ever so that made it even more special to me.


New Zealand

This isn’t something that I’ve talked about an awful lot on my blog but when I was 13, I lived in New Zealand for 8 months. It was an incredible adventure and one that I’m so grateful to my parents for; I have so many notable memories from living there that it’s pretty hard to just pick one. I think one of my favourites was spending a weekend on Waiheke Island watching the Rugby World Cup because it was so breathtakingly beautiful and I really couldn’t believe that I was living that life! Let me know in the comments if you’d like to hear more about my life in New Zealand!



I’ve been visiting Ireland since I was about six years old as my aunty used to live there (my aunty, uncle and two cousins now live in Virginia) so it’s always been a very special place to me. I used to travel over there around three times a year and I’d always go and spend Halloween there; these are some of my favourite childhood memories and I used to love dressing up with my cousins and going trick or treating!

Venice Travel Guide


If you’ve followed my blog for a while now, you may remember that I spent a few days in Venice (and Rome) with Matt and his family back in July. Venice is somewhere that I’ve always wanted to visit and it really was just as beautiful as I’d imagined. The narrow streets and winding canals looked like they’d come straight from a movie set and it’s a holiday that I’ll cherish and remember for a long, long time.



I’m not entirely sure that this counts as a “travel moment” as such considering I’ve lived in York for over ten years now, but it’s still a place that’s incredibly special to me. It’s the place where I went to school and did most of my “growing up”, it’s the place that I used to spend endless hours eating ALL the nuggets in McDonalds (although, I still do that now tbf…) and it’s the place where I met Matt and consequently moved in with him. Although I’m originally from Doncaster, York will always be home to me.



Earlier this year, I suprised Matt with a trip to Budapest for his birthday as it was a place that we’d both wanted to visit for quite sometime. We had the most amazing few days there and it made its way on to my list of favourite places in the world, simply because of all the wonderful memories I have of it and how undeniably stunning everything was. My favourite moment of being in Budapest was simply just spending the whole time with Matt and seeing all the breathtaking sights.


What are your favourite ever travel moments? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter @imjustagirl_16. 

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  1. Venice is one of my favourite places I’m going again tomorrow and I’m so excited! I really love the sound of Dubai too x

    Kayleigh Zara 🌿

  2. Oh my gosh I am sooo jealous, you sound like you’ve had some such amazing experiences! That sense of being overwhelmed is such a magical feeling. I’ve had some lovely holidays but never been outside of Europe because quite frankly I haven’t been able to afford it but I really hope to go to America within the next few years!
    Alice Xx

  3. Wow Chloe, I love this post. Such beautiful imagery and I love how you have a mixture of places close to home and further away, it really shows the beauty of the world!

  4. Oh wow you have been to some beautiful places!! New York is definitely on my places to visit but id have to sit and plan so carefully what I would want to do! Ive been to Venice too and it is just beyond amazing Its such a shame that the water is rising and so many people wont be able to visit in the future!

    Sarah | xx

  5. I so want to go to New York (although so awful there’s just been another terror attack), and I have Ireland on my bucket list since reading ps I love you x

    1. It really is awful about what’s just happened! And yes! That film definitely makes Ireland look even more incredible haha xx

  6. Aw Chloe I loved this post so much, travelling is one of my absolute favourite things, I can’t believe you lived in New Zealand for 8 months that must of been amazing. I went to New York when I was 17 with college and have always been obsessed with it, I so want to take Luke there. Xx

  7. Ahh this was such a cute post to read! You’ve been to some amazing places. This post just made me want to book lots of trips now haha x

  8. You’ve definitely been to a ton of amazing and incredible places! I do wish I had the opportunity to travel more when I was younger. But I’m definitely making the most of the world and visiting everywhere I can when I can! I just picked up a Fujifilm Instax printer and need to pick up more film to print out some pics of my travels!

    Cindy |

  9. Wow, I feel so poorly travelled compared to you, Chloe!! Each of those visits to New York sounds more magical than the last, I’m not surprised that you love the city so much! I’d love to go to Dubai too, I bet it’s just incredible! Ireland is a beautiful country too, I went for a short holiday there a couple of years ago and loved every minute!

    Abbey ❤️

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