The Importance Of ‘Me Time’

me time

Earlier this month, Matt spent two weeks away in London on a course which basically meant I was on my own for two weeks. Normally, I’d be quite freaked out at this prospect as for the last few years I’ve hated spending lots of time on my own, but during those 14 days I actually almost enjoyed spending some quality time with me, myself and I.

When Matt got home I was obviously absolutely delighted to have him back but it made me realise that I shouldn’t be afraid to spend some time by myself every now and then.

‘Me time’

I spent those weeks really taking care of myself; indulging in hot, luxurious baths, watching ALL the Gossip Girl and getting lots of early nights. When Matt returned home from London, I felt more refreshed and invigorated than ever and I think that’s because I spent time only focusing on me. I realised that it’s actually more than ok to be selfish sometimes and to focus entirely on yourself and mental wellbeing.

me time

“I’m too busy”

We’re always so busy nowadays, with endless meetings, emails and schedules, as well as making sure we keep our social status in tact. I think it’s often hard to take a step back and truly focus on just you. While I spent literally every single day of those two weeks writing blog posts and working hard on various projects, I found that I actually enjoyed doing it because I’m so happy creating content when I’m doing it for me. Sometimes it’s ok to just step back and turn off the ‘busy’.

Writing is, and always has been, a form of ‘therapy’ to me; I get such pleasure from it but it also helps to keep me sane. So instead of wallowing and waiting for Matt to return home, I channelled all my energy into working on various projects and I found myself being so creative. I’m so unbelievably happy at the moment and I’m so glad that I spent those two weeks really reminiscing about everything good that’s been happening.

I feel so incredibly grateful for every opportunity that I’m receiving and allowing myself a bit of ‘me time’ to properly reflect on everything has just cemented my gratitude even more. It was so lovely to see more of my family too and spend some quality time with them, especially my younger brothers and sister.

‘Me time’ doesn’t have to involve anything too extravagant; a simple relaxing bath with your favourite candle and a calming playlist can often be just what you need when things get a little too much. A bath is potentially one of the best ways to spend time with yourself as you can just lock yourself away for an hour and enjoy soaking in all that scented bubbliness.

I’m definitely going to try and incorporate more ‘me time’ into my schedule, whether Matt’s home or not (although I’m sure he’d love the chance to indulge in a face mask or two with me…).

What are your favourite ways to indulge in some ‘me time’? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter @imjustagirl_16.

40 Replies to “The Importance Of ‘Me Time’”

  1. Oh love, this post really has made me smile. I’m so happy that you’ve been able to realise just how far you’ve come and I seriously can’t wait to see how you develop as person (and your blog).
    Having a little bit of ‘me’ time really does help give you a little break from everything. Yes, to baths, especially with a bath bomb or two.
    Em xxx

  2. Ahhh I love this! It’s so important I think to have time to yourself. Now I have a baby I definitely appreciate “me time” so much more! I try and find time to have a bath once a week or so once Dougie is in bed (although he has a knack of waking up just as I get in!) And if Sam is out in the evenings, once Dougie is asleep I like to just do something for me, whether it’s painting my nails, blogging or watching something that *I* want to watch!
    Hels xx

  3. Me time is soooo important and without it I think I would go a bit loopy haha. I’ve made sure to incorporate it and it makes me appreciate time with the boys more knowing I have me time pencilled in! Xxxxxxx

  4. Aw, I’m so glad that you surprised yourself by enjoying your me-time so much! I really relish the time that I spend alone, it’s the time I use to re-charge from the social interactions of the day and unwind! Channeling energy that you may have spent wallowing into being creative is such a good thing to do, and super rewarding too! You go girl!

    Abbey 😇

  5. I love taking time out of being busy and pampering myself. I have been so hectic the past few months, as it sounds like you have too, that taking time for yourself is completely necessary. This post is great and I hope you’ve inspired others to treat themselves to well deserved ‘me’ time too x

  6. I agree with having time to yourself, I really enjoy doing simple things like having baths, reading and watching my favourite shows when I have an evening to myself!

  7. ‘Me’ time is so important! And with the busy-ness of our lives we often forget to take out that personal time. I love going for walks and having a coffee date with myself every once in a while.

  8. I love this post! I live a good bit of ‘me time’! My ways are my blog, catching up on YouTube and blogs and having a good ol’ Lush bath

    Tasha x

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