Things I Definitely Don’t Miss About School

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Most people will be heading back to school sometime this week so I started reminiscing about my school days – I say reminiscing, I definitely mean cringing and being thoroughly relieved that I never have to endure it again.

(This post is also my 100th post on this blog, so yay!)

My back to school ritual usually included some kind of pamper routine, a good cry and an evening watching Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging. School was not my favourite place in the world, I mean it wasn’t the worst but it certainly wasn’t the best. Despite the fact that I met Matt at school, I can’t really say that I took a lot away from it, apart from ya know, a few qualifications.

After taking to Twitter for some inspiration, I realised that there was a lot of things about school that you guys didn’t really like either so I thought I’d put together a post encapsulating all the bad memories from school.

Asking to go to the bathroom

Can you even imagine asking to go to the bathroom at work?! There was something incredibly degrading about having to ask to go for a wee, and it’s certainly not something I’d like to do again.


Even the notion of this makes me feel physically sick. I’m not the biggest fan of exercise as it is but having to take part in P.E “lessons” a few times a week is just… EW. Do you remember how painful it was to do cross country and even worse, the bleep test?! The thought actually makes me nauseous.

The competitive girls

Following on from the point above, there were always those incredibly annoying competitive girls at school. I distinctly remember a number of girls treating hockey lessons as if they were trials for the Olympics: get over yourself *insert eye-roll emoji*.

Disgusting school food…

…That cost a small fortune. Luckily for me, I very rarely ate the food offered by the school and instead opted to bring in my own lunch, largely due to the fact that it was always absolutely revolting.


Oh god, the thought of doing actual homework now makes me want to curl up in a ball and cry. It was absolutely draining to spend six hours at school, only to come home and spend another couple of hours doing yet more work.


There’s not much more to say about this point other than THANK GOD I DON’T HAVE TO DO MATHS EVER AGAIN. Screw you Pythagoras.

Public speaking/ class discussions

During school, I struggled enormously with my confidence but I think it’s safe to say that regardless of your confidence status, everyone hated speaking in front of the entire class. It was always made even worse when you had to read a chapter from a book that you were studying (Of Mice and Men, I’m looking at you).

“The bell doesn’t dismiss you, I do”

Did anyone else have that one incredibly irritating teacher who would purposely keep you a minute past the bell just to be an actual ass? There was just no need for it!

Tests and exams

Again, this point just makes me want to cry (can you tell that school wasn’t my fave, LOL?). I absolutely adored learning and being surrounded by knowledge and facts but I hated tests and exams with a ferocious passion and I’m SO glad I never have to do a test again.

The uniform

I don’t know about your school uniform but I remember the entire school being constantly told to “do your top button up” and “tuck your shirt in”. Our uniforms were hideous, green and black ensembles and I’m SO grateful that I never have to wear it again.

Toxic, bitchy people

Unfortunately I had my fair share of bitchiness throughout my high school years and while I’m sure there’ll be plenty more to come in my lifetime, I am glad that I don’t have to tolerate the pettiness of playground squabbles. There’s so much drama and toxicness during secondary school and I don’t miss it one bit.

Younger kids

Especially the ones who literally thought they were God’s gift and that they had some kind of authority over you. Um no, you’re 12?

Trying not to fall asleep during class

Unless it’s anything with David Attenborough in, then I’m not interested in watching a painfully boring science documentary. Bore off.

The teacher who moved the whiteboard slideshow too fast

You know when you’re trying to copy notes down and the teacher moves on to the next slide before you’ve even copied two words down? How annoying.

People “borrowing” pens only for you to never seen them again

This was always so bloody annoying, especially considering you’d carefully put together your pencil case at the start of the year only for you to end up with just a chewed up pen and half a pencil two weeks later…


Those pointless meetings that happened every week with everyone in your year that were supposed to be truly riveting and motivating but were actually a load of useless, boring crap.

School pictures

There was always so much preparation that went into getting your school picture taken only for it to come out look truly horrendous. Damn you school year book.


While I never (thankfully) had any first hand experience of bullies, I was truly aware that they existed and boy, they were hellish. My little sister has just started secondary school and lemme tell you, if she experiences the tiniest bit of bullying then there’s gonna be hell to pay.

I want to finish this post by saying that school really wasn’t all that bad, but honestly? That would be a lie. Like I mentioned before, school was ok in the grand scheme of things but I wouldn’t go back there anytime soon, no matter how much you paid me. However, I did meet Matt there so all’s well that ends well.

What are some of your worst memories from school? Did you love or hate school? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter @imjustagirl_16. 

40 Replies to “Things I Definitely Don’t Miss About School”

  1. Honestly this speaks to me on a whole new level. School is meant to be *the best years of you life*. I went through such a shit time. I was bullied and the ‘life long friends’ you thought you had, are just not(I won’t swear on you blog).
    Great post xxx

    1. I’m glad you can relate lovely! I totally get where you’re coming from; I was exactly the same! (Btw, you can swear on here haha) xxx

  2. Sooooooo relatable. As I was reading I was like yup yup yup!!! I hated school with a passion and Sunday nights were full of anxiety and ALOT of tears. I do feel sorry for my mum when I think back. My lad starts school on Wednesday and I feel physically sick! His uniform is well cute though! I really want him to like school! Xxxxxxxx

    1. Ah Lucy I totally relate to you! I so hope your little lad loves school! My little sister just started “big school” and I so hope she has a much better experience than I did! Xxxx

  3. I can relate to all of these!! School and I did not have a great relationship but P.E was the worst. I used to get my mum to write me a note for P.E every week – So bad. xx

  4. Oh my gosh, this post sums up high school! I don’t know how people can say they are “the best years of your life” because my time at high school years were the worst years I’ve experienced. The bitchy girls, the horrible boys, the bullying, the stupid things you are forced to learn that you never ever need!

    This post makes me so glad I’m done! Xx

  5. At the time I hated school but looking back now, as an adult, I wouldn’t change thing. Of course there were some moments (a few you described in your post) that we’re pretty awful but overall I really appreciate my school days now!

  6. Oh man, this post really took me back. I hated asking to go to the loo, and I have been rejected a fair few times which is even more humiliating. I also have a heavy flow when it’s that time of the month and require sorting myself out very often so I would carry around a note from my mum for the teacher to let me go to the loo when I needed – sad that such a thing was necessary! I do miss the friendships in school though, as most of that has broken away now but hey, all for the best.

  7. Such a great post there were quite a few things I didn’t enjoy but I did truly love school and I’ve got such great memories from there!

  8. Omg asking to go to the bathroom.. What was all that about?! What was worse was you would get teachers that would actually refuse to let you go too..

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